The fatal dangers of non-violent pseudo-leftist strategies…

Chris Hedges fancies himself some kind of saintly Christian following non-violence but the formula doesn’t add up. I hold no brief for the Weathermen who are not representative of much of anything and confused terrorism with revolutionary strategies. The onset of non-violent tactics was a significant moment, and with MLK was an effective tactic in the civil rights movement. But the fact must be faced that the left has become barren of results and has accomplished almost nothing since 1969 or before. In that time the planet has proceeded toward climate destruction without any real response from the left whose non-violent tactics will end by doing nothing as millions are killed. It is not possible to stop the capitalist insanity with Gandhian tactics. Gandhi is a much misunderstood figure and played the guru without understanding Indian spiritual history. Non-violence is finally a spiritual meditation visible in Jain yogis whose gesture is based on fasting to death lest they violently murder insects. It was a path to enlightenment via a path to death. It had no political implications and was a path by those who had renounced the world. The Gita so revered by Gandhi explicitly endorses the duty of violence to Arjuna as a caste warrior (Gandhi was ambivalent or confused by his own holy texts). The Gita has to be the worse book to cite for a proponent of non-violence.
It is essential to consider history here: using methods of non-violence, american democracy would never have arisen, and slavery would still exist. All the basic achievements of modern freedom were far from being non-violent. That does not mean that free lance violence as terrorism is some kind of leftist tactic. Methods of revolutionary action require discipline and the American Revolution was a war with generals and sane leaders.
The current is a dangerous field of nincompoops who mainly write article for Commons Dreams and little else. Billions of people are about to perish as the idiot left diddles over Gandhian sanctity.

Chris Hedges and Mark Rudd talk about political violence and the Weather Underground in a new episode of “On Contact.”

Source: Chris Hedges and Mark Rudd Discuss Self Destructive Forces on the Left –

The last revolution….from the left, if it can resolve its failed legacy…//America is now in fascism’s legal phase  

The_Last_Revolution_Postcapitalist_ Futures_ver_FNL_4xa_12_18_21
The left is chanting the same old Marxist mantras and they don’t work. You have to refresh your terms and analyze your failures. After Bolshevism the left must move on in a hurry, sever connections to the old and create new terms of discourse. Those can certainly be socialist but here we have renounce ‘communism’ for neo-communism, for example.

Original comment, perhaps set aside. We have advised against dialectic in Samkhya: Ancient and Modern, and the argument below shows both the insights and delusions/muddle there.

An interesting article but we need to consider that the failure of left revolution, and the shallowness of marxism, have bequeathed revolution to the right, next to the outstanding generators of fascism as such. A new left must reclaim the revolution, and none too soon because fascism in proceeding apace in the cleverness of the hidden puppet strings for such as Trump. The left has never gotten the issue of revolution right and has simply generated counterrevolution. But this dialectic will backfire on the right as a strange kind of third factor of resolution enters to create an ending that is a beginning. Dialectical arguments are not sound logic but this makes funny sense here. The point is to be wary of endless repetition of the first affirmative aspect and recreate the resolution to a counterrevolution with a novel counter-counterrevolution.
I wouldn’t bet money on such an argument but it is true that the current right is seeding its own counter-counterrevolutionary revolution redux…Hope that helps. The point is that if a dialectic goes A B C it will actually have six forms: A C B, B A C, etc, and maybe B A C = new A: as the dialectic of revolution yields to counterrevolution and then to some unknown resolution, one can reaffirm a new starting point in the rubble of counterrevolution??? The point here is that the new revolution is going to be different from the original starting point.

The US’s history of racism is fertile ground for fascism. Attacks on the courts, education, voting rights and women’s rights are steps to toppling democracy

Source: America is now in fascism’s legal phase | The far right | The Guardian

  Non-violent insurgency?…// Time for a Climate Insurgency? The Occupy movement was a joke, pious gandhians can be worse than the ultra-violent capitalists and governments in place…

The fixation on non-violent insurgency doesn’t apply to the first item on the list in the article: the democratic revolutions of the early modern. So what is being proposed here? What happened to the term ‘revolution’, and what about the Jan 6, insurgency?
This trashy article never even mentions the French Revolution, Karl Marx, or the Russian Revolution, or the Civil War. The term insurgency is being corrupted here and does not refer to non-violent peace marches. And the reference to Winstanley invokes the English Civil War, one of the seminal movements in the birth of modern democracy. It had proportionately more casualties than the First World War.

Face reality: the capitalist system will not yield to modification through the non-violent method in question. In fact, almost all the so-called non-violent insurgencies failed. The capitalist class knows that it can ignore challenges of this type. The Occupy Movement was a joke.
Let us note the crucial importance of the abolitionist movement, but in the end only the Civil War did the job, not a non-violent movement…
The case of MLK is misleading. His non-violent movement was brilliant but contextual, and had a measure of success. And some help from the US government and army. But the late MLK changed his perspective and as he turned outward to a larger movement challenging capitalism you can sense his changing perspective. And he was assassinated in the end.

Source: Opinion | Time for a Climate Insurgency? | Jeremy Brecher

Postcapitalist Futures: The Last Revolution (ver_fn_1a_12_10_21) : revolution at the endgame of capitalist globalization

Postcapitalist_ Futures_Last_Revoluition_ver_fnal_1a_12_10_21

The text proceeds apace, and a new book will soon emerge, hopefully. There is something desperate in the world situation. Climate doom is fast approaching and yet it seems as if all the politicians are frozen zombies in a world going mad. Stranger still the left is paralyzed and the suspicion arises that the legacy of Marxism is part of the problem. Nothing can resolve the problems of Marxist theories but a strange conclusion arises: who needs the ponderous baggage of Marx, historical materialism or dialectical materialism. A framework for transformation, reformist or revolutionary’, can be recreated from scratch. The key point is that democracy is dying but a revolution to real democracy sits in the wings, waiting. The core tragedy of capitalist man is reaching its climactic act in a botched version of modernity that is leading to disaster…

bolshevisms’ total failure and waste of a great opportunity….//Forty Years Later, Reds Is Still One of the Best Films Ever Made About Revolutionary Politics 

Reds is a fascinating film but it does not spell much confidence in the Russian Revolution. It records has soon revolutionary euphoria passed into dictatorship, even in the period of Lenin. The movie does not inspire confidence in the marxist left or the muddle they made of a great opportunity. Part of the problem was the lack of any real concept of democratic socialism, in the Leninist mistrust of liberal democracies, not surprising perhaps, but the hard duality of communism/liberalism proved fatal almost at once as the so-called communist mental vacuum became a theme of oligarchic control. Under the conditions at hand, and the attacks of the capitalist world and their fear of working-class action in the US leading to the FBI’s birth, etc,…the retreat into a hard shell as with the Bolsheviks is not all that surprising, but the result was failure and the waste of a great opportunity…

Source: Forty Years Later, Reds Is Still One of the Best Films Ever Made About Revolutionary Politics – 1848+: The End(s) of History

R48G: toward a new revolutionary option as the crisis of the planet threatens destruction: The Last Revolution (ver_1az_11_26_21)

The Last Revolution_Postcapitalist_Futures_ver_1Az_11_26_21

This version is closing in on a completed, short, book. It would be easy to make it twice as long but something more than bullet points but less than a ponderous tome is needed. American society has long since been turned into a crypto-fascist oligarchy at the mercy of a capitalist class so deranged they cannot for the life of them grasp the coming ecological danger. It has no real future save as a kind of imperial monstrosity of capitalist ecocide. Starting over is the only real option.

A new left is easily constructed and we should welcome the Marxist world to consider this much simpler approach. But Marx does better as part of an historical introduction: we must take it up from there, as he himself indicated. The terms ‘marxist’ and ‘marxism’ are banned from discussion. The legacy of Bolshevism must be disowned. The issue of the working class is up in the air: it is a global phenomenon that needs a version of our ‘DMNC’ based on the ‘working class. In the US the working class is really a part of the middle class: it is not revolutionary, but there is a simple and elegant solution: the working class and the Universal class: the latter is all classes together, and the definition of ‘working class’ is ambiguous: it is either the old-fashioned industrial working class and/or those who are wage laborers and/or those who are passive with respect to capitalist domination: note that a ‘sliding’ class can exploit the ambiguity and create a supercharged new version of the working class, a part or the whole as multiple classes, moving toward the equality of all in a Universal class. In this context, a nerw international can at once address the local an global working class in its slider ambiguity. Continue reading “R48G: toward a new revolutionary option as the crisis of the planet threatens destruction: The Last Revolution (ver_1az_11_26_21)”