DMNC and nationalization: how about expropriation?

Our previous post cites Sanders’ older views on nationalization. The idea remains of interest and could be revived…

Better yet our DMNC, or ‘democratic market neo-communism’, takes up the slack in the idea and takes it beyond ‘state control’ to ….state control of another kind. Our model contains a basic Commons which is not as such open to ‘state’ control in the usual sense: it is something that pertains/belongs to everyone in the context of a diverse state structure consisting of a presidency that guards that Commons and neo-communist constitution, a parliament/congress, ecological and economic courts, a planned/market set of sectors (and another third low level sector, check out our manifestoes). If we are going to nationalize anything we should go the whole way and nationalize/communalize everything large scale, that is expropriate the full range of capital, leaving a threshold lower level to its own devices. We should be clear here that nationalization would lead to ‘state capitalism’ and that has a complex and debatable history. We must create a new set of checks and balances in the context of such ‘national capitalism’ and we call that the Commons.

Nonetheless, the nationalization concept/nexus shows us that it is in principle possible to move via evolutionary politics toward our DMNC, although that at first seems unlikely. But the era of total chaos is almost here and we can see that evolutionary/revolutionary paths could merge as one.

the working class was shafted by the bolsheviks…try something else…//Workers’ democracy in the Russian Revolution …and other bullshit…

We have repeatedly critiqued for its knee jerk bolshevism even as we take up its useful articles, softball pitches for our swing. Whatever we say about the russian revolution the fact remains it was a gross failure and if we cite its legacy in such glowing terms the whole chance of convincing a skeptical public will be lost. To say that it was this was the first time the working class took power is nonsense but if it is true we should be wary of working class revolutions. The working class was eliminated swiftly and lost the right even to form unions. Continue reading “the working class was shafted by the bolsheviks…try something else…//Workers’ democracy in the Russian Revolution …and other bullshit…”

If the US will undermine Venezuelan sovereignty then we have grounds to undermine the sovereignty of the US, in any case an illegal government of criminals and imperialists violating international law…revolution now…!

We have come to a strange and remarkable moment: the undermining of the US government in the process of fascist attempts to undermine the sovereignty of another nation: Venezuela, compelling an ironic logic. If the US can’t respect the legal government of Venezuela, why should we respect the ‘legal’ government of the US. And the US is less ‘legal’ than Venezuela, ironically. Its crimes a make for a staggering list. Such a criminal rogue state is not ‘legal’ in any case under international law, or the canon of the Republic, ‘when in the course…’. <!–more–> If the US wishes to foment a coup in Venezuela then we should foment a coup in the US: a socialist regime change that can initiate a revolutionary passage to a new form of government. If the American Rebs rebelled against British imperialism we have the precedent to rebel against Yankee imperialism. It is true that the power of the US is overwhelming, but the jackals of the have thrown away the principle of their legitimacy, their self-respect, their honesty, their legal behaviourism, their sense of justice, and the rule of law. Without those, and there is more for that list, their days are numbered. But we must proceed with at least the minimal implementation and declaration of the illegality and moral oblivion of the American rogue state. The US system is illegitimate and the grounds for its replacement will by diligent communication become common knowledge. Such knowledge will slowly overwhelm the the greatest power and will also soon enter the military ranks as knowledge of the facts of an army of fascist aims.
Here we come to the crisis of the left that is unready for any such gesture or task. We have many times critiqued marxism here and suggested that a completely revamped version such as our democratic market neo-communism can lead a revolution beyond the stale legacy of marxist bolshevism, doomed to fail, to a simple direct and practical form of liberal neo-socialism that can satisfy the american situation with enthusiastic participation.
In any case we confront the american monstrosity confessing to its fascism, illegality, rogue state policy and several generations of criminal violation of national and international law. We have ample ground for regime change.
And let us not forget the the hard evidence that this rogue state murdered three thousand of its citizens in a false flag conspiracy: the 9/11 inside job…
<blockquote>Even though the ongoing imperialist coup in Venezuela has not yet succeeded, the impression one gets is that there is an inexorable march forward in its implementation, which is pushed mainly from forces abroad rather than from within Venezuela itself. The next step in the plan is the use of “humanitarian aid” as a provocation on the border with Colombia.</blockquote>
Source: <a href=””>Chavistas march against imperialism: what is the next step in Trump’s coup?</a>

Degrowth and our DMNC

We quoted  below some of the material on degrowth from the site at the link.

We should note how easily this thinking could be adapted to our ‘democratic market neo-communism’. The latter was an attempt to consider a functional model of politics and economy in and of itself, but clearly both ecological socialism and degrowth are key issues that in practice would fit nicely. In fact our DMNC just might make degrowth a viable option.

Two Manifestos including  our model of ‘democratic market neo-communism Continue reading “Degrowth and our DMNC”

 From working class ideology to the perspective of the Universal Class.

Source: Were marx’s theories to blame?…//Why Did Socialism Fail? – 1848: The End(s) of History

We have commented already today on this essay but might continue with a discussion of the question of creating working class democracies and its failures.
Continue reading ” From working class ideology to the perspective of the Universal Class.”

The lost opportunity of the era of bolshevism and its stupidities

The fallacies of marxism are a great tragedy in world history.  The Russian revolution created a tremendous opportunity which was squandered completely via the idiocy of Lenin/Stalin, but more the confusion created by marxist theories. Continue reading “The lost opportunity of the era of bolshevism and its stupidities”