Confronting Global Warming and Austerity 

In the United States, proposals for a Green New Deal have been getting considerable attention in recent months as activists have pressed both members of Congress and Democratic presidential candidates to support aggressive measures to combat global warming. There clearly is much more that we can and must do in the immediate future to prevent enormous damage to the planet. More

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From protests to revolutionary action…? Earth 4C Hotter 

The fires in the Amazon, which have actually triggered a global protest, suggest a kind of psychosis in politicians and elite capitalists over climate change and the prospect of 4C temperature change signals a near death knell for the planet…We must, as a gesture of protest, begin to make the motions toward a revolutionary intervention…Even the symbolism of such a move could have an effect…

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Need for an ecological/environmental International…//The Fires in the Amazon Were Set on Purpose 

Our many discussions of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ have focused on a new approach: to consider socialism in one country to get socialist economics in place: but the parallel issue of an international arises at once and the obvious vacuum of any left can be seen in projecting the need for a global response team to save the Amazon….

These fires were set on purpose and Bolsonaro is to blame.

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