Socialism: the danger of mechanized culture

The left is stuck in a very narrow world view that can’t even do justice to modernity. But  its marxist entanglement with hegel suggests a broader view, but that angle has failed to be helpful.

The legacy of monotheism is passing away, but the question remains, what was all that, speaking historically? there is an ironic continuation to those traditions: attempting to understand their history…In any case the coming of socialism needs careful thought as to a public spectrum of belief, and ideology. The resolution of nineteenth century marxist scientism isn’t enough….

Samkhya for commies, and throw in triadic dialectic and the doctrine of the Trinity,…crazy, right? in the words of Patton, nuts…

We have often indulged various new age discussions with respect to evolution, consciousness, and the enigma of the will, often via the work of J.G. Bennett, who was a british follower of gurdjieff and ouspensky, who wrote a classic text, The Dramatic Universe, a flawed but seminal work whose basic slant could be easily appropriated by a secular perspective (Bennett has a closet awareness of communism/1848 stuff), what to say of a leftist one, Continue reading ” Socialism: the danger of mechanized culture”

The global war on democracy?

America is nowhere near as bad as Brazil or China, much less North Korea. But our democracy is eroding significantly. Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) tracks hundreds of attributes of democracy for 202 countries, spanning more than two centuries. Its 2019 report found that “24 countries are now severely affected by what is established as a ‘third wave of autocratization,’” an erosion of democratic rights “that has slowly gained momentum since the mid 1990s. … Among them are populous countries such as Brazil, India and the United States.”

Source: The Trump depression: Experts see a serious psychological depression taking hold in America. Here’s how to fight it –

/2018/02/14/gurus-and-fascism-the-ghost-of-fascism-in-the-age-of-trump/ – The Gurdjieff Con

There is a lot of ‘far out’ discussion of the issues of anti-democratic occult politics at the G-con blog: read with skeptical caution but consider a realm of discourse that secular culture can no longer manage…

gurus and fascism?..//The Ghost of Fascism in the Age of Trump So why would the buddha entities wish to destroy modern democracy and degrade culture with drones like Trump? To Trump, democracy is a…

Source: /2018/02/14/gurus-and-fascism-the-ghost-of-fascism-in-the-age-of-trump/ – The Gurdjieff Con

American politics in self-destruct mode

There is something eerie about the self-destruction of the american (so-called) republic: it often seems as if some unseen force or malevolent power is able to manipulate trump to vitiate the political integrity of the political system such as it is or remains. We cannot quite see how this works and the ambiguities of russiagate blind us to the global conspiracy against democracy. Continue reading “American politics in self-destruct mode”

 Oysters: nearing extinction?

As these advocates and unlikely allies put it, oysters are a keystone species. They are literally the filters of bays and estuaries and even of whole oceans. They create the habitat other species like mussels and barnacles and clams and fish need to survive. It’s time, then, as Lewis Carroll’s Walrus puts it, to talk about oysters.

Source: The Time Has Come to Talk About Oysters – Los Angeles Review of Books