End of growth economics?

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The idea of revolution seems implausible, unrealizable and illegal but we should pursue this course in
any case as we watch the world system approach a possible collapse. We need also to study the failures of ‘revolution’, the liabilities of the idea and to ‘break old habits’ by reinventing all concepts and analyses. And that includes marxism, a definite resource to be sure, but not tried and true.

We have suggested a two-pronged approach that can be evolutionary/revolutionary, the first perhaps leading to the second, but in the end, we need to challenge the core regime at its foundation and think at the level of constitutional change. How do you think a program of reform is going to alter the elite control of the global gorillas of capitalism? Any threat to their power will result in assassination, consider the statistics in south America, the facts of the case in Colombia for the last year, hundreds of activists wiped out. We need programs of self-defense against the murder of leftists long a dark side activity of these creepy elites. These issues will likely vitiate good intentions and resurrect the less than naive Leninist realists.

Whatever the case, we must not be suckered into charges of Stalinism because Leninist: Stalin derailed the communist project and the whole experiment terminated with his rise to power.

So, it is not true that communism has been tried.
Let us at least offer a pledge of post-Leninist innovation. without sentimental compromises, but with a realization of the need to create new paths to some form of socialism, our democratic market neo- communism being one attempted platform.
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Trump and the right share a Darwinist ‘herd mentality’ — and preference for sacrificing the weak to capitalism –

Herd immunity can sometimes reduce mortality from a disease, but over the centuries has failed to end the curse of influenza, tuberculosis, smallpox, polio, rabies or dengue fever. It fits neatly, however, into a social Darwinist framework. Those who die are the “weak” — the poorest, the youngest and the oldest young — or can at any rate be classified as weak and deserving to die, because they died. Survival of the fittest requires discarding the weak. Remember the “let them die” hecklers who populated some of the 2011 Republican debates on health care.

Source: Trump and the right share a Darwinist ‘herd mentality’ — and preference for sacrificing the weak to capitalism – Alternet.org

Large-Scale Permafrost Thawing – 

Twenty-five percent (25%) of the Northern Hemisphere is permafrost. By all appearances, it is melting well beyond natural background rates, in fact, substantially! Making matters much, much worse, new research has identified past warming events of large-scale permafrost thaw in the Arctic that may be analogous to today, thus spotting a parallel problem of large-scale More

Source: Large-Scale Permafrost Thawing – CounterPunch.org


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