The eonic model as simple chronology versus the grotesque muddle of historical materialism

We have considered that capitalism is unable to lead to a new civilization, but the left also comes in for criticism.
We can posit that some form of socialism is inevitable but that the current left cannot lead to that result in its current form

Look at the eonic model then at historical materialism. How did the left get shunted into such a grotesque theory of history?
Its foundations are a set of flawed theories, a dated science and materialism, an inability to assess values, no real idea of freedom
and an obsessive economic perspective that ignores the larger field of culture.
It is very doubtful a second of marxist socialism is likely: the world is too nettled by Bolshevism and has lost its socialist nerve.
The eonic model, which is not a theory, but a study of history in its outline: is all that is needed to reconstruct a new left.
Marxists had best rethink their framework because the current brand will create chaos at the key moment of social passage beyond

The tipping point for postcapitalism…

The current pandemic has generated a revolutionary situation but not revolutionaries. In a way the work of Sanders has confused everyone: the term ‘revolution’ now means Sandernista social democracy. Small wonder everyone is paralyzed.
A revolution, for sure, is a big thing, but at some point, we need to confront what the world system itself has generated, like a rabbit out of a hat. Capitalism as we know it collapsed in the pandemic, and it remains to be seen if the capitalists can revive it. But the situation is there for those who are ready to construct a new future.

At a moment of crisis, we seem to be without a left: the American system’s situation is almost a demand to revolt to forestall catastrophe. But nothing is happening. we have said it many times: the marxist model is misleading its adherents. Marx’s theories predict a socialism future. But never specify what they will be like or how to get there. It is easy to say ‘revolution’, but the revolution concept springs from the early modern and may not apply to a later period. That said, the moment of revolution is here and we should have been better prepared. It is interesting to study the BLM movement. They were prepared, sort of. The confusion arises because the solution is much simpler than we think but eludes those who apply kneejerk Marx quotes to everything.
We need, not a theory, but a recipe approach to construct a hybrid liberal/socialist system. In principle it is easy.

The literature of Marxism is vast, but there is nothing that is really practical We need a model and a new movement, that can exit the swamp of Marxist jargon and Marxist dogma to a simple recipe for a socialism that works, that is ecological, postcapitalist, with or without markets, with capital in a Commons, and a set of economic rights, along with the whole spectrum of liberal rights in a socialist context and with the issue of private property or capital seen in a correct light.
Two Manifestos version

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The eonic model: the coming of post-Darwinism…. How does civilization evolve?

Decoding_World_History_ver5xaThe ideology of Darwinism is tenacious. A new generation is beginning to question the false claims of natural selection but at this late date
few can see through the theory and its preposterous claims.
Perhaps the material on the eonic effect can show the real complexity of social evolution. The real culprit is a crypto-social Darwinism based n survival of the fittest propaganda disguised as science.

Source: Film clip on the probability of a protein forming by chance passes 500k views – Uncommon Descent

Source: Film clip on the probability of a protein forming by chance passes 500k views  – Darwiniana

Capitalism cannot generate the future of civilization: the eonic model and the issue: what generates civilizations?


It is worth looking at the eonic model of history to see the fact that capitalism never appears as a foundational constructive element of civilization.
Then in modern times (depending on how you define it surges to take over the whole of culture even as it exposes its destructive power next to its
economic effects.
Perhaps even those who reject socialism can begin to see that the future of civilization will not occur as the result of markets left to themselves.

Capitalism cannot generate the future of civilization July 14th, 2018 • Expecting the dynamic of capitalism to generate the future of civilization is unrealistic: the legacy of past civilizations s…

Source: Capitalism cannot generate the future of civilization – 1848+: The End(s) of History

‘No Time to Lose for Climate Action’: Atmospheric CO2 Continued to Rise in 2020 Despite Covid-19 Lockdowns 

The Covid-19 pandemic provoked a global economic slowdown that led to a slight reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in 2020, but this year’s drop “has had no measurable impact on” the ongoing

Source: ‘No Time to Lose for Climate Action’: Atmospheric CO2 Continued to Rise in 2020 Despite Covid-19 Lockdowns | Common Dreams News