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The world’s criminal politicians have a good laugh at non-violent civil disobedience

We commented on this before and challenged, even as we supported its project, the idea of non-violence action. These groups put it to the test, assuming we have time for more tests, can non-violent civil disobedience make a dent in the capitalist juggernaut which has appropriated the power to brainwash the majority. Continue reading “The world’s criminal politicians have a good laugh at non-violent civil disobedience”

 World history, the ultimate IQ quiz…?

I came upon one of the internet’s ‘free IQ quiz’ sites and was mildly appalled by the high degree of bullshit in IQ tests. But they persist because they often correlate with other things and then harm people psychologically. But such tests are mostly about puzzles of one kind or another, and many intelligent people can’t do them beyond a scratch. I tried one and got 19 out of 21 and then was asked for $20 to get the result. Continue reading ” World history, the ultimate IQ quiz…?”

Bernie Wants You to Own More of the Means of Production just short of socialism, with new worker/capitalists as your new boss

We commented already on this idea today: a good idea, no doubt, but i begin to doubt sanders’ sincerity: you can throw out ideas, cheap, but when you really know they are out of scope, what’s the point, save, of course, to make a socialist statement, good or bad politics, depending.
But the point here is that a realizable idea needs a realizable set of tactics which may mean revolutionary ones, but even electoral means can work. The point is that it is probably easier in the end to establish full socialism than to go only halfway with complicated schemes that leave capitalism intact.
New owners of the means of production accomplishes nothing: those elements must belong to all in a Commons.

Bernie Sanders just released a landmark plan to shift ownership and control of the US economy away from the very affluent and towards workers and the public.

Source: Bernie Wants You to Own More of the Means of Production


We are living through something unprecedented. An open-ended social experiment, funded by venture capital, supported by elements of the US military and security state. An industrialised system of writing. We’re writing more than ever before in human history. This is the basis for the world’s most profitable industry: the social industry.The social industry was supposed to be a source of democratic empowerment. If we could all self-publish, each find our own audience, then the old hierarchies would be challenged. Industrial media giants would no longer enjoy ideological monopolies. State secrecy would be weakened. Networked crowds would easily outflank immobile, centralised forms of power. Even celebrity would be democratised. Anyone with a social media account has a public image and a public-relations strategy.Yet how quickly cyber-utopianism became cyber-cynicism.

Source: Willing servants | New Humanist