Explaining the coming crisis of capitalism

Business news headlines recently bemoaned the incidence of “bond yield inversions” in a series of countries as supposedly the harbinger of doom and destruction. Many working-class people were left scratching their heads about what on earth this all means. 10 years after the “Great Recession”, many could be forgiven for thinking that we have been living in permanent recession and things can’t get any worse. The reality is that, while things have not been good in most countries, things can also get far, far,

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 The left has no historical framework, given the collapse of marxist historicism…

The model of the eonic effect seems perhaps a bit speculative, but its basic empirical content is well-established and at a time when the left is drifting in confusion over its historicist ideology a new and neutral view of history is needed: the eonic effect would make a good choice, reduced to basics, as an outline and taken as a field to reconstruct the issues of capitalism, socialism, and even religious histories still very strong, Continue reading ” The left has no historical framework, given the collapse of marxist historicism…”

The failure of capitalism…and pseudo-socialism…

The hopeless confusion created by bolshevism is made the worse by the rote and kneejerk refusal of many on the left to take a critical stance toward their legacy.
Many fail to see that a new canon must be prepared and this requires a critical marxism and a determination to critique and correct a frozen tradition. The whole subject requires a new terminology, and a failsafed consideration of how socialism might be possible.
The issue of capitalism’s failure has made a new left inevitable, but its way of being stuck in a groove will doom renewal…
The failure of capitalism and the return of socialist failsafes
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The real fire devouring the Amazon, Chiquitanía and Gran Chaco is capitalism

“Money is the universal self-established value of all things. It has, therefore, robbed the whole world – both the world of men and nature – of its specific value.” – Karl Marx (1843)From space, in various satellite images, you can see the columns of smoke and suspended particles, ascending above the matrix of the most extensive and biologically diverse tropical forest in the world: the Amazon.

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 Capitalists shouldn’t be the ones to define the term…

We tend to take for granted the definition of capitalism: or let capitalists define it for us. But the whole semantics is up in the air, and we can insist on its delimitation as the correct definition…!!
Our ‘democratic market neo-communism’ allows ‘markets’ under conditions of a Commons, etc…That gives neo-communism its own ‘capitalist’ aspect, etc…

Source: capitalists don’t own capitalism or its definition…if property is theft, the solution is within reach…//An alliance of big business and democratic socialists…? – 1848+: The End(s) of History