The Problem of Capitalist Politics, Nukes and Climate Change Edition 

With Donald Trump soon to be exiled from the White House, four years of speculation about the precise degree of departure from the normal course of American imperial management is about to be put to the test. Any path forward will be a consequence of the trends, processes and trajectories that were set in motion at the end of WWII. These were given new meaning by the capitalist revolution (neoliberalism) of the 1970s. Two years ago various United Nations environmental committees began to issue warnings that unless dramatic changes are made, the planet will soon be uninhabitable. The question: will it be political leaders or capital that stands in the way? More

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Why Capitalism Was Destined to Come Out on Top in the 2020 Election 

No matter who “won” the U.S. election, what will not change is the capitalist organization of the country’s economy. The great majority of enterprises will continue to be owned and operated by a small minority of Americans. They will continue to use their positions atop the capitalist system to expand their wealth, “economize their labor costs,” and thereby deepen the United States’ inequalities of wealth and income. More

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America’s Current Jobs ‘Great Depression’ 

Two well-known and highly respected mainstream economists, Carmen Reinhart, a chief economist for the World Bank, and Vincent Reinhart, chief economist for Morgan Stanley bank, have recently published an article in the widely read and influential capitalist source, Foreign Affairs, entitled ‘The Pandemic Depression’.  Arguing primarily from a global perspective, the economists have concluded the More

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Lebanon’s corrupt capitalism behind Beirut blast 

An explosion at the Port of Beirut has devastated the city, killing more than 130 people and wounding thousands more. It is an enormous tragedy; a huge blow to a population already reeling from economic, political and health crises. Corruption and incompetence are to blame, but the truth is more pernicious. The Lebanese events are another indictment on the barbaric capitalist system, which cannot meet the most basic needs of the people who are trapped within it.

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