Liberalism and (neo-)communism

The legacy of marxism/leninism in its phase of bolshevism is one of a hard contrast between opposites and the obliteration of one society to construct another, the later however never really defined in advance by those proposing a new society.

Our suggestion is that this was a mistake due to the way thinking tends to polarize and in the history of socialism this process is notably at work. But the result has so far never produced a successful outcome. It could hardly be otherwise and social construction from scratch is a tremendously difficult task, one that ended up disastrously in the hands of dictators.

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 Improve capitalism, now a fatal dose? our DMNC does just that

This view is in fact wrong: capitalism, whatever it got right, has suddenly gotten planetary survival wrong: it is proving fatal to the whole planetary system. Improve it? How so, short of revolution?

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Capitalism’s Triumph: Labor Rights Violated in Every Country on Earth 

In what country are labor rights fully respected? The sad answer is: none. Labor rights are routinely violated around the world, and the trend is only getting worse. The International Trade Union Confederation has again issued its annual Global Rights Index and the result is no better than in past years. It’s worse. For example, the number of More

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Beyond capitalism to real globalization

The world is moving from a early modern ‘euro-focus’ to the creation of a global oikoumene: while capitalism helped to produce some of the groundwork for this it is in the end counterproductive and the real effect of a global community is thwarted by the imperialism of the starting areas.
We should note that the US is only marginally a part of the modern transition, and it swiftly deviated from anything like a purveyor of global community…

R48G: Eurocentrism, the eonic model and the left
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