Judeo-xtianity: passing away of the monotheistic crypto-pagan illusion

It is not true, FALSE, that a violent and idiotic divinity called Yahweh intervened in history to make ‘Israelites’ a chosen people. The model of the eonic effect suggests what the real origin of monotheism was. After two millennia the world is still struggling against this pernicious and violent propaganda invented as a sideline to the birth of a first monotheism whose outcome was so skewed that a second attempt was made with Islam to correct one of the greatest failures in world history. If we look closely the Exile shows a mysterious attempt to blend Israelitism and Zoroastrianism in a ‘semitic-aryan’ blend that could unify across cultures. But the attempt failed as the covenental myth usurped the experiment with a chauvinistic and ethnocentric religious.Christianity did manage some part of that attempt at blending but the whole experiment was botched by the limited vision of the Israelites. Their attempt was conditioned but then distorted by the need for an underdog to survive in the world of great empires.

Israel seems very powerful but that belies the reality of impotence as Judaism and Christianity enter accelerated decline. Israel projects power to make its illusory future seem assured, but that is an illusion hiding the reality of mistake that is weak and with no real definable future. There is no leaderhsip here as the political psychopaths project a ludicrous piety according pollcraft imperatives. Religious leaders are equally set in their donkeyhood and incapable of seeing through their religious propaganda.
The original mystery at the source of Israelitism remains forever beyond the modern Jewish remnant whose original entry into secular modernity was a robust success only to be turned into tragedy by the deliberate embrace of evil by the Zionist self-created psychopaths. The Holocaust forces one to forgive a lot here but history is on the move and the outcome as a modern Israel courts challenge as waning illusion.

After 12 years, Israel finally inaugurated a new prime minister. While being hailed by many as the opportunity for a fresh start, Naftali Bennett is at best a continuer of Netanyahu’s policies and at worst an ideologue whose positions are to the right of Netanyahu’s. In 2013, as Middle East peace talks were set to More

Source: New Israeli Government, Same Israeli Apartheid – CounterPunch.org

Far-Right Marchers Chant ‘Death to Arabs,’ As New Israeli Government Bombs Gaza



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Decoding World History: The Eonic Effect

Decoding World History ED 1_6dcdx

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Decoding World History  (decodingworldhistory.com)is a presentation of the data for the so-called ‘eonic effect’ and the hidden process of historical ‘evolution’. It can dispel the ideological muddle of current evolutionary pseudo-science and its reductionist scientism. This book demonstrates an accelerated way to study this mysterious teleological structure and its implication of the ultra-complex system of evolutionary history, for so long confused by Darwinism and its oversimplifications. The study of world history in light of the ‘eonic effect’ unlocks the secret of the emergence of homo sapiens as he enters history as a free agent and points to the hidden structure of his emergence in a mysterious Gaian planetary control system.  As man emerges from this matrix of guided evolution he needs to confront the eerie challenge of sudden self-evolution. The fate of civilizations of the future beckons as he exits the larger system at work. The nature of evolution in deep time remains an unsolved riddle, but the data of the eonic effect gives us a hint and can help to dispel the endless confusion created by the current biological paradigm as disguised Social Darwinist propaganda.

Decoding World History: The Eonic Effect: The Eonic Evolution of Civilization

From the Preface to Decoding World History:

World history is an undiscovered country. Contemporary understandings show great confusion and make obvious the lack of a scientific perspective. Compared to the facility of physics, at least in the context of its mysterious mathematical methods that seem to develop in a just-in-time synchrony with the needs of new theories, the field of history shows no real reductionist resolution. The reason should be obvious: the issues of psychology and consciousness, values over facts, social existence, and religious versus secular discourses. History must grapple with the idea of freedom, physics must not. But all at once we confront a surprise in the reformulation of the question; the eonic effect, stumbling into an awesome mystery tour through ages in transition. One thinks of the classic phrase, voices of silence. We catch a glimpse of history’s law of motion. But that perception is of a crude outer mechanics that evolves a much more elusive complexity that has a character not seen in physics, such as ethical and aesthetic aspects, the realm of values beyond facts.
This book will attempt to demonstrate this hidden factor and approach the issue of a science of history indirectly via a new discovery we have called the eonic effect as the first real step to such a science. As we enter the unknown, we find a phenomenon of nature that still eludes us with a complexity of a new order of magnitude. We often confront machines we cannot understand, but we can see what they do. The eonic effect in history gives us a glimpse of (historical) evolution: a field of form effects operating over a species region. It is mysterious yet we can see what it is doing.

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‘This is not a conflict: this is apartheid’: over 16,000 artists sign letter in solidarity with Palestine – Mondoweiss

Over 16,000 artists, including hundreds of Palestinian artists, six Academy Award winners, and eight Pulitzer Prize winning writers, have signed a letter denouncing Israel’s apartheid system and calling on countries “to cut trade, economic and cultural relations.”

Source: ‘This is not a conflict: this is apartheid’: over 16,000 artists sign letter in solidarity with Palestine – Mondoweiss

A working class martyr: Framed-up Maruti Suzuki worker Jiyalal dead at age 35 

Workers entering into struggle in India, the United States, and internationally must be made aware of the brutal legal vendetta pursued against the Maruti Suzuki workers and redouble their efforts to secure the freedom of the 11 who remain behind bars.

Source: A working class martyr: Framed-up Maruti Suzuki worker Jiyalal dead at age 35 – World Socialist Web Site

Disaster Capitalism: Puerto Rico Plunged into Darkness After Privatization of Electric Utility 

More than 1 million people in Puerto Rico were left in the dark this month after power transmission and distribution for the island was taken over by a private company under a 15-year contract. Much of Puerto Rico lost power after a fire at an electrical substation caused a massive blackout just days after the private U.S. and Canadian company LUMA Energy formally took over management of the island’s electric grid from the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, or PREPA, which was devastated by Hurricane Maria.

Source: Disaster Capitalism: Puerto Rico Plunged into Darkness After Privatization of Electric Utility | Portside