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As our posts on issues of free will, soul, evolution and religion confront the obstacle that modern society has no institutions that can help man with his psychological or religious questions. None. The issue of soul for example cannot at any point reach public discussion in religious and secular orgs. It is cancel culture all the way. You can’t even exchange an email with Darwin fanatics or secular humanists. And yet I am close secular humanism myself, but not the cult of fanatics and narrowly cultists of humanism. There is no real method or standard here to a kind of open mind is essential.
It is might be time to consider some kind of upgrade of secular humanism: its views tend to be inverted religion. One should critique religion but not invert it. The issue is not two opposites but three or four. If we reject religion we may or may not reject a spiritual domain. Or we might reject a spiritual domain and adopt the materialism of Samkhya as a basis of religion. We might be anti-religion and contemplate the soul of man in another sense. The discussion is vast and complex.

Secular humanists demand naturalism, but as Nagel discusses that in the book cited yesterday Mind and Cosmos the question of naturalism is not so simple and has confounded/confused the theory of evolution as Darwinism.
Secular humanists should have been more responsive to the problems with Darwinism, instead the cult of Darwin a la Dawkins is enforced like a religion.

Here is a curve ball: is the question of soul spiritual or naturalistic? The issue is undecidable so far, but to me the question of soul is naturalistic: man is a creature in an extended material comples with aspects that aren’t material, force fields, for example.  In fact I suspect the soul is one of materialism, but in a new mode. The question of what is ‘nature’ has been never been made definite. The spiritual can’t easily be defined and maybe the question should be abandoned and replaced with a general philosophy like Samkhya, which however has its own dualism. But at least here we don’t end up in useless debates that are schizophrenic: one part of man is material and some other part is spiritual. It has never worked and Christianity, in part responsible for the inverted stance of humanists, is the most confused and barren concoction of misunderstood teachings, where not lies outright. Small wonder humanists freak out, and then overrreact.

Neither side can find a reasonable view of anything, as the soul question might indicate.
The issue should stand on the nature of modernity, more or less, and the modern transition from 1500 to 1800 shows a massively rich constellation of rich cultural materials, almost all of which are simply amputated out of secular humanism with its rationalism that can’t even do justice to the Enlightenment, its Darwin evolutionism, its limited philosophic stance, and its lack of any sound ethical or aesthetic canon.

A key problem is the domination of reductionist physics and the elimination of any real chance of a psychologically sane view of man and his mind.

In any case the confusions of Christianity have been very tragic, but the solution is not the inverted views of the humanists who need to rethink all questions from scratch…

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Postcapitalist Futures: The Last Revolution
Postcapitalist_ futures_Last_Revoluition_ver_fnl_3axx

Decoding World History

Descent of Man Revisited
Two Manifestos
Two Manifestos
Democratic Market Neo-Communism
Failure of Darwinism
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The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures

Latest Version:
The Last Revolution_Postcapitalist_Futures_ver_1Az_11_26_21

This is a new version of The Last Revolution (almost the same as prev…I have changed my mind several times on the title: but the Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures is more popular than PC Futures: The Lst Rev).
The book is a companion to: Decoding World History, but the complexity and detail of that book is not needed. That said, the new ‘model of history’ is in essence very simple. The complexity arises only with the need to study an immense number of books to get a handle on global diversity.


It is important to see how the chronology provided in DCD_WH and the Lst_Rev is sufficient for a new left view of world history. It is far better to not try and theorize history using bad science models. It is strange that Marx did that and in the process undermined the whole perspective on the left.

The left needs a broad perspective: trying to win the battle of idealism versus materialism is a waste of time and alienates a clear majority of the population plus

Also, as in post on Hayek today (below), the model in The Lst_Rev repairs the problem in older Marxism of socialism and freedom. Bolshevism handed victory to the right and Hayek was rubbing it in, to no avail since his own view is flawed. But Hayek echoes the calculation debate started by Mises and the issue is dealt with in The_Last_Revolution by bringing markets into socialism in a new form that is postcapitalist

Will omicron – the new coronavirus variant of concern – be more contagious than delta?

It’s too early to say whether the newly identified omicron variant is going to overtake delta. But particular mutations in the new strain have researchers deeply concerned.

Source: Will omicron – the new coronavirus variant of concern – be more contagious than delta? A virus evolution expert explains what researchers know and what they don’t

soul questions…//With SCOTUS Set to Hear Abortion Case, Anti-Choice Groups Prepare to Enact ‘Post-Roe Strategy’

The abortion issue is completely confused on both sides. Christian theology never got straight on the issue of the soul, and modern secular humanists deny the reality of ‘soul’ altogether. That’s not a good stance for humanism, and it echoes the scientism of false science. And it creates endless antagonism. But the Christian obsession with conception and soul is surely incorrect. The problem is that the ‘soul’ factor is never affected by conception, fetus’ and the implication of some kind of murder. The soul question is complex and the major religions have not really clarified the issues, save the Buddhist (and Hindu) conceptions, up to a point.
A Buddhist view of reincarnation would seem closer to the truth: sentient entities are anchored beyond space-time and their entry into birth cycles has no effect on that one way or the other. Abortion would then merely terminate a transient connection with a rebirth cycle. The issue of the soul is complex indeed but pertains in part to the efforts made by an individual in his life to realize actions of value by a determination not always clear to us. And in another legacy still present in sufism, but I think not Islam there is a concrete path to soul creation in a different sense via the injection of a soul seed plexus ‘stuff’. The spiritual path of the person in question helps to grow this ‘soul’ factor in this sense. Note that the ‘soul’ complex in our ‘buddhist’ take is not the reincarntion of the psychological person, as such, but of the overall complex of the man/woman.
This tradition of soul in the second sense probably existed in early Christianity and then died out. It seems inaccessible to public knowledge next to the disinformation of religion and the esoteric deceptions of spiritual mafias. But there is no need for a Rolls Royce, a chevrolet version of the soul is enough and carries all that is really needed. This second legacy apparently entered early monotheism from the legacy of Egyptian religion which shows its obsession with souls and the after life, a mystery mostly lost to us.
The reincarnating self is another version then of the soul, the basic operating space-time spooky physics mystery of the human self in nature. The best path for this case is the realization of consciousness given various names, such as the now much-confused term ‘enlightenment’. Then the self complex is released from space-time and the recurrent soul.
Thus we must suspect that abortion is not truly relevant to the overall picture one way or the other. Abortion would be like canceling a journey into space-time and staying home in the mysterious realm of potential selves prior to incarnations. The attempt to outlaw abortion in rightist groups is thus misinformed from the start, in part because the Christian legacy is now so incoherent that it has no real connection with reality, and that includes the rigidly invariant Catholic brands.
Social existence is complex and can’t support unlimited birthrates and the mother must consider the context in which a child can thrive, so the issue of abortion as saving lives from medical murder is a phatasm of confusion, and a rightist ideology so steeped in capitalism, murder, imperialism wreaks of the decayed theology of Christianity, their concern over abortion is hypocritical. In the end the mother must have the key say on the question. The view of the secular humanism is itself far from reality. We should note that all these issues are metaphysical and suffer the cautions of Kant. The risk of delusion is great. But the centuries of meditating persons have slowly but surely established, it seems, the reality of the self beyond birth cycles.

Source: With SCOTUS Set to Hear Abortion Case, Anti-Choice Groups Prepare to Enact ‘Post-Roe Strategy’

  Global Pandemic Will Rage Until WTO Approves Vaccine Patent Waiver | Joseph Stiglitz

Since October 2020, a large number of WTO member countries have sought a temporary waiver of the organization’s expansive intellectual property restrictions, which limit the production of vaccines, treatments and diagnostic tests to certain pharmaceutical companies. But a few WTO members have blocked this initiative, which is needed to ensure sufficient supply of Covid-19 medicines to inoculate the world and end the variant cycle that otherwise will indefinitely prolong the pandemic.The WTO must not postpone this decision. It needs to call an online meeting of its General Council and adopt the waiver this week.While citizens in wealthy countries are already on to their boosters, fewer than 7% in low-income countries have even had their first shot.As the Omicron variant shows, as long as there are raging outbreaks anywhere, Covid-19 will mutate and the possibility of more infectious or deadly strains increases. That’s why, unless people everywhere are vaccinated, we face the prospect of an endless pandemic.

Source: Opinion | Global Pandemic Will Rage Until WTO Approves Vaccine Patent Waiver | Joseph Stiglitz