Socialism: the audience is there, but what does it mean?

Our previous post commented on the attempt to sanitize the term ‘socialism’ for the coming election year. But it would seem that if the term ‘socialism’ came out of exile in the last few years then the momentum of the idea is rising and one may as well reference it as socialist semantics for what it means, Continue reading ” Socialism: the audience is there, but what does it mean?”

 Out with it: socialism means expropriation of private property/capital

Trying to pass off ‘socialism’ as social democracy may not work either: nothing is said here about the expropriation of private property/capital. It might in the end work better to be hones about the question, and not conceal the reality. The term has already resurfaced against the odds: we may as well declare the real meaning of the term and point out that social democracy/the New Deal were not socialist but that the real thing is starting to come to the fore

.. It doesn’t matter who the Democratic nominee for president is next year, they will be attacked for being “socialist.”  It will be relentless and merciless.  The problem is that none of the current

Source: Teaching Democrats to Talk About Socialism | Common Dreams Views

socialism would cut poverty by 100%…//Medicare for All Would Cut Poverty by Over 20 Percent

Plus, the red forty-eight group could take over capitalist orgs like jacobin…

Medicare for All doesn’t just provide everyone with the care they need, free of charge. It’s also a potent anti-poverty program, reducing poverty by over 20 percent and increasing poor people’s incomes by 29 percent.

Source: Medicare for All Would Cut Poverty by Over 20 Percent