Socialism of the 21st century

Socialism of the 21st century (Spanish: Socialismo del siglo XXI; Portuguese: Socialismo do século XXI; German: Sozialismus des 21. Jahrhunderts) is an interpretation of socialist principles first advocated by German sociologist and political analyst Heinz Dieterich and taken up by a number of Latin American leaders. Dieterich argued in 1996 that both free-market industrial capitalism and 20th-century socialism have failed to solve urgent problems of humanity such as poverty, hunger, exploitation of labour, economic oppression, sexism, racism, the destruction of natural resources and the absence of true democracy.[1] Socialism of the 21st century has democratic socialist elements, but it also resembles Marxist revisionism.[2]Leaders who have advocated for this form of socialism include Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, Rafael Correa of Ecuador, Evo Morales of Bolivia, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil and Michelle Bachelet of Chile.[3] Because of the local unique historical conditions, socialism of the 21st century is often contrasted with previous applications of socialism in other countries, with a major difference being the effort towards a more effective economic planning process.[2]

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Half-Earth Socialism//are Verso and marxists paralytics?…Revolutionary action needed…

I will cite this book in my notes section 0/0 in the Last Revolution but note that authors on the ‘left’ constantly propose ‘solutions’, wave a wand, and then close for dinner. None of these proposals can be expected to happen. The left can’t even get the ‘working class’ disentangled from Trump…
Interesting anyway…

What we can do, environmental scholars Troy Vettese and Drew Pendergrass argue, is strive for a society able to ensure high living standards while stabilizing the environment: Half-Earth socialism. This means:• Rewilding half the earth to absorb carbon emissions and restore biodiversity• A rapid transition to renewable energy, paired with drastic cuts in consumption by the world’s wealthiest• Global veganism to cut down on energy and land use• Worldwide socialist planning to efficiently and equitably manage production• The involvement of everyone—even you!

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What You Don’t Have and Why –

What You Don’t Have and Why
The Never-Ending Impact of a Forgotten Blitzkrieg Against the American Lef
tBy Adam Hochschild
Donald Trump has had the urge to crush many things, including the last election. So I must admit I found it eerily amusing that, when the FBI entered his estate at Mar-a-Lago recently, they did so under a warrant authorized by the Espionage Act of 1917. History certainly has a strange way of returning in our world and also of crushing alternatives. Whatever Trump did, that act has a sorry track record in both its own time and ours when it has been used, including by his administration, to silence the leakers of government information. And because my latest book, American Midnight: The Great War, A Violent Peace, and America’s Forgotten Crisis, is about the crushing of alternatives a century ago in this country, in the midst of all this, I couldn’t help thinking about a part of our history that The Donald would undoubtedly have been the first to crush, if he had the chance.

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Toward a new form of socialism…Why Are You a Socialist? – Dissent Magazine

Dissent has an issue with focus on socialism. I have just (almost) finished The Last Revolution, but I can see already that the hoity-toity leftist crowd will not deign to even look at the book. It is a book that could never have been pubbed by Verso, in fact, a great advantage, a plus. I can’t even get a link to the PDF (free) on Marxmail. Nor can I have any dialogue whatsoever with any Marxist: critiques of Marx are verboten, and in the inexorable Marxist to Stalinist transition, grounds for liquidation…..Discussions of any kind rate instant cancellation cases.That’s a pathetic situation. The left still hasn’t really exposed the issue of Stalinist and is crippled with its past. It must start over, and soon, time is short. And a key issues is that ‘socialism’ in isolation as a single term will always contract into something false. The term must be failsafed with a broader multi-term definition in progress, e.g. our ‘democratic market neo-communism’.
The text of the Last Revolution starts from scratch and in a hundred pages has a new framework that is without Marxist boilerplate and ‘ready to go’ for a new failsafed multiterm socialism. has a number of heresies the straight left, so far, cannot tolerate:
You can’t really criticize Marx, histories or his phony materialism as economism, etc… The whole of Marx would be better left behind with Marx/Engels as historical starting point without their flawed analysis, without historical materialism or dialectical materialism, etc…but waffled as they ended up blaming Spencer for social Darwinism. Don’t be a Darwin idiot: the problem is Darwin. Oveer and over the left spouts the standard Marxist cliches and purple passages but the canon is hopelessly muddled.

Next, the left needs urgently to acknowledge the 9/11 conspiracy by the US (and Israel) and also the literature on the JFK assassination. This however is the one thing the left can’t seem to do, and it is open to the charge of being coopted by the powers that be. The era of Chomsky here is over.
The censorship of these discourses on the left in favor of the official line is a disgrace to leftist integrity. One can critique conspiracy theories, but one of the main ones is the official story, itself a conspiracy theory. You cannot seriously reject the literature anymore surrounding 9/11 and the JFK assasssination.
The materialism of Marx was important to start in the early nineteenth century but now it seems passe. That is not some compromise with religion or metaphysics but a simple acknowledgment that no really stable modern philosophy has yet to come into being: secular humanism is a perfectly good starting point but it can’t really survive itself to become a genuine social philosophy. There are endless ways to improve on that. And in any case, times have changed. The US has more buddhists than Marxists at this point and that is a challenge to the left. What is needed is a generalized set of metaphilosophies as resources in reserve, as the the core working ideology stops embracing flawed junk from the past, like the emerging positivism of the era of Comte, et al (Marx)… Marxists can’t even get atheism right.
Socialism is a construct in real-time, and can do better almost without choosing between materialism and idealism. What a useless and dated debate from the age of Hegel. Kant was more profound and Kantian ethical socialism is a complete Kantian foundation for socialism, where dialectical materialism and historical materialism are third rate junk. Who Knows, but as things stand you couldn’t mention Kant without a leftist reaching for his gun. Sad. Marx was a failure but a good starting point. The first stage of revolution could founder in a civil war with Marxists. Better to ditch Marx hype and stick to what Marx got right, or better yet the whol thing from scratch, forget the pompous Marx. But even there times have changed. the working class has very few socialist, But it still does have some.
Further, the working class, if the set of wage laborers is almost the whole population. So what are we talking about? Socialism would have to be constructed by elements of all classes, with the working class as the industrial proletariat as a spear head. r whatever. And so on…


Rather than a science or a lifestyle, socialism is an approach to the world’s injustices that can compel us to act with one another—even in darker times.

Source: Why Are You a Socialist? – Dissent Magazine