Daydreaming socialism…progressives treading water

‘Progressives’, as noted many times, pronounce hopefully on a program they can never hope to bring about because it implies a revolution they have given up to nonviolent tactics and insufficient resolve to bring it about. What does it mean to ‘renew democracy’ if ‘democracy from the start has been captured by capitalism?
The inspiration of Sanders is wearing thin: he has never really been able to accomplish anything and even if he were elected he would be unable to do anything. A real democracy requires more than the generation of wasted effort we have seen for fifty years since the danger of climate change became clear…

Why now is the exact right time to advance and fight for a 21st Century Economic Bill of Rights.

Source: Opinion | The Time Has Come for Progressives to Rescue and Renew American Democracy | Alan Minsky

Repost: Here we go again: is the US really a liberal society or a political mafia of crypto-fascists and drug peddlers…

Francis Fukuyama’s calm evisceration of illiberalism on the left and right.

Source: Moderation in the Name of Liberty is No Vice | Washington Monthly

I will have to wait and read this book but defending liberalism is too easy, and at this point there are some real questions as to whether the US is actually a case of liberalism…And even if we grant the point the reality of ‘liberalism’ lies in its lack of economic rights and the tyranny of private property/capital.

The history of the US since WWII looks liberal on the surface but has been a horrifying case of the Military-Industrial Complex run amok. We can’t even absolve the US of a connection to drug mafias (cf. the legacy of Gary Webb). The US is really an oligarchy controlled by capitalists and the covert agencies.

So, Mr. Fukuyaama. A test question, was 9/11 an inside job or not? We know how you will answer, but we can confirm if you are stooge, boob, and brainwashed?