Election expert warns 2024 may be corrupted – but there’s still an ‘ultimate safeguard of American democracy’ 

Calling it an “unexpected moment of democratic peril in the United States,” Hasen warns in the introduction/abstract: “Preserving and protecting American democracy from the risk of election subversion should be at the top of everyone’s agenda. The time to act is now, before American democracy disappears.”

Source: Election expert warns 2024 may be corrupted – but there’s still an ‘ultimate safeguard of American democracy’ – Alternet.org

The California Recall’s Warning for Democracy 

Governor Gavin Newsom of California defeated yesterday’s recall election by a large enough margin to squash earlier Republican threats to challenge the results no matter the outcome. But the proliferation of those allegations of voter fraud before the election, including ungrounded claims from former President Donald Trump that the contest was “rigged,” points toward an ominous future in which more GOP candidates challenge the results of any election that they do not win.

Source: The California Recall’s Warning for Democracy | Portside


Although Buchanan offers some remedies for possibly saving the U.S. from

becoming a “one-party autocratic state” — passing the For the People Act and the Lewis Act, electing as many Democrats as possible in 2022 and 2024 — the overall tone of his article is quite pessimistic. And Buchanan fears that the U.S. may have already passed the point of no return.”No one should be under any illusions about what has already happened,” Buchanan laments. “As much as anyone, I would like to be convinced that our constitutional democracy is not in an inescapable death spiral. Those who can find ways to undo the damage need to step up now, if such options exist.”

Source: Legal expert warns of a ‘death spiral’ that could end with the US becoming a ‘one-party autocratic state’ – Alternet.org

“Democrats in the U.S. Senate could learn a lot from these Texas Democrats—sometimes you have to pull out all the stops to protect democracy.”

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‘Democracy Will Be on the Ballot’

‘Democracy Will Be on the Ballot’:

‘Deadline for Democracy’