The US, China and the DMNC model

I am not in the business of stoking the US/China divide but in this case it is of interest to note that if the US is falling behind China it is because its ideologies are in a state of confusion. China’s fake communism and compromise with markets however strikes a blow in the direction of our DMNC model where the US is stuck seemingly forever in a capitalist stranglehood. And that is starting to fail. Not that China isn’t almost capitalist itself.
But the grounds for revolution in the Last Revolution were almost abstraction in a model of virtual revolution. And yet suddenly we see that a revolution to something like a DMNC model would be greatly to the US’s advantage in the global sphere if it could be brought about by a group with the power, means and grasp of issues to bring it off. Unfortunately the US system is in the hands of mostly hopeless dolts, psychopaths as politicians spawned by so-called democracy.
At any rate, a complex nexus of socialist markets, planning and some parallel planned entities in the context of a Commons, and with a starting gesture toward a new International without the criminal mafia of covert agences and Zionists would fit the bill perfectly for the US which could regain its coherence and idealism and international leader all at once. Revolutions tend to be actions against an elite, but here a revolutionary group and some parts of that elite could create a neo-communism that could be very effective and halt the inexorable slide into the realm of imperialism, crime, and capitalist dictatorship now passing for ‘democracy’.

Yoga versus democracy? What survey data says about spiritual Americans’ political behavior

As the US gets less religious, some thinkers warn that it may get more selfish as people engage less with their communities. A team of scholars decided to investigate that concern.

Source: Yoga versus democracy? What survey data says about spiritual Americans’ political behavior