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With almost half of all students in the United States attending a school whose educators have been given educational gag orders to prohibit them from teaching honestly about the history of systemic racism, a grassroots network of educators, parents, and students across the country are organizing a #TeachTruth National Day of Action on June 10, 2023, to fight back. 

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The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures…//ED5_5_2_23

The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures

The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures by [John C. Landon]

The_Last_Revolution_Postcapitalist Futures_ ED5_5_2_23

Notes moved to new Chapter 0/0 which will have a summary manifesto-style short version of the text.

We began with an intended manifesto which then by extension broke out of its own confines to a complexity that might stall its own realization. The basic point is that the democratic revolutions of the nineteenth century pointed to their own limits and the emergence of attempted completions began even as, for example, the French Revolution was still underway. A figure like Gracchus Babeouf makes the point with clarity A generation of socialists emerged and here Marx and Engels became interlopers who took over the subject and grafted their own theories onto the whole field to the point that even today we often equate socialism with Marxism. At the same time without the work of Marx/Engels the whole field of socialism might have simply died out and the leadership of the two was a heroic saga trying to jumpstart a conception of revolution based on the model of such as given. But the legacy of revolution is not so simple to sort out and the issue really begins in the early modern with the English Civil War and elsewhere in Europe. We might find that starting point earlier still in the Reformation and the Peasant’s Revolt of Munzer. Marx was well aware of the ambiguity of revolution in his delineation of the bourgeois revolution. But the question of a revolution beyond that was a conception with undefined terms….

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The Supreme Court’s Attack on Labor Rights 

In an incredible leap of illogic, to bolster the affront of workers leaving their post and calling a strike, Supreme Court Justice Barrett in writing for the majority, claimed that the Teamsters themselves instigated the financial harm and the case needed to be returned to the state court. “So by reporting for duty and pretending as if they would deliver the concrete, the drivers prompted the creation of the perishable product. Then, they walked off the job until the concrete was mixed and poured in the trucks. In so doing, they not only destroyed the concrete but also put Glacier’s trucks in harm’s way.”

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