from last year…: We Need a Labor Brexit …??

From last summer…it is very difficult to assess british politics at this point, but given the massive failure of the corbyn option one might note the enforced incoherence hence division on the left and the suspicion that since the left couldn’t do brexit the right took over to get it done.
Such interpretations can get it wrong, but the ‘remain’ option was hardly a left position given the neo-liberal EU and the failure of the european union (consider grexit and that catastrophe).
Corbyn might have used brexit to create a new british left beyond the EU….
Brexit may have been inevitable: it should have been done from the left…

Source: We Need a Labor Brexit  – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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The Strange Death of Social-Democratic England 

Far-reaching though the effects of this moment in the Brexit story will be, the 2019 general election may change the landscape of British politics and the fabric of its society in even more profound and decisive ways. With renewed calls for a referendum on independence for Scotland, the specter of “the breakup of Britain” that has long haunted the UK may materialize at last—just at the moment when English nationalists are celebrating their Brexit victory. A fourth successive defeat for the Labour Party and an outright win for a Conservative Party has sharpened dividing lines, squeezed the liberal center, and broken consensus into polarity. At stake after this election, then, is the future of what has made Britain a reasonably civilized country since 1945: social democracy.

Source: The Strange Death of Social-Democratic England | by Matt Seaton | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books

Midnight Ramble: A Fascist Rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania 

At one of his permanent fascist-style campaign rallies on December 10, 2019, the day the U.S. House of Representatives rolled out Articles of Impeachment, United States President Donald J. Trump told an adoring Pennsylvania crowd that U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren “has a fresh mouth.” The meaning of this insult was understood by his audience. It More

Source: Midnight Ramble: A Fascist Rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania –

Hungry for a Livable Planet: Why I Occupied Pelosi’s Office for 13 Days 

I occupied Nancy Pelosi’s office and went on hunger strike for 13 days. Still she wouldn’t meet us. Instead she flew off to attend the UN Climate Conference in Spain. That’s not enough. I went 13 days without food.  I lost 22.8 pounds, 10.6% of my weight.  I had to stand up slowly because otherwise More

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