a stance so extreme that it digs your own grave…//French Critics of Israel Could Be Prosecuted for Hate Speech 

This depicts the almost incredible extreme to which the charges of antisemitism have gone. This is also the result of behind the scenes pressure we don’t quite see. If jews adopt this kind of thinking they are digging their own grave. You can push people only so far: to call any criticism of Israel antisemitic is a foolish strategy: the breaking point is near. What stupidity.

Source: French Critics of Israel Could Be Prosecuted for Hate Speech – The Intercept

Universal versus working class…Green revolution and an equal pie

Despite our swipe against union bosses in the previous post our DMNC explicitly suggests the need for unions in our multi-sector system. As our DMNC turns green a new ‘bourgeoisie’ could easily arise and start to exploit in the name of green socialism. We need additional checks and balances and a set of safeguards against a ‘new bourgeoisie’. But our format is still oversimplified and needs some careful test logic to ‘debug’ its possible deviations…

The bourgeoisie will at some point change gears be more than happy to turn the working class into a peasantry in the name of a Green crisis. Continue reading “Universal versus working class…Green revolution and an equal pie”

idiot union bosses fighting GND?///The Green Revolution (New Deal) Is the Only Realistic Option

Leaders of working class labor orgs need to get smart in a hurry: the dangers to working class interests are real but the dangers of climate change are even worse. We need a new kind of labor movement that can assess the route to a no-growth stable socialism where the basics of economic populism are guaranteed but possibly under reduced circumstances. If labor can’t evade a collision with green issues they will cripple their own movement and destroy working class consciousness. Continue reading “idiot union bosses fighting GND?///The Green Revolution (New Deal) Is the Only Realistic Option”

Revolutionary Green…//This Historical Moment Demands Transformation of Our Institutions. The Green New Deal Won’t Do That. 

This is a cogent critique of the GND but we should also consider that where the yellow vests ended in some confusion over ecological versus working class issues, the GND, with its stated intent (cf. such figures as AOC) to embrace/combine ecological and socialist legacy issues provides exactly the mix/upgrade needed. The ‘new deal’ aspect is really a ‘social democratic’ signature and a ‘revolutionary Green’ movement might step in to recompute socialism as a green movement.
Our DMNC should expand to a ecological ‘green democratic market neo-communsim’: GDMNC
Almost all the projects of the GND fit like a glove into the larger formulation…

Source: This Historical Moment Demands Transformation of Our Institutions. The Green New Deal Won’t Do That. | Green Social Thought

the DSA’s pseudo-socialist platform…//Resistance Rising: Socialist Strategy in the Age of Political Revolution – Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)

We have been critical of Sanders for coopting the terms socialism and revolution but the problem pervades most of the left now and we have basically social democracy promoted as socialism and the issue of revolutionary transformation eliminated from discussion. That’s seems sensible to many but the problem is that at a moment of terrible crisis social transformation has been evicted from the mix. We have to endure this pseudo-leftists who may do some good in their own way. But without even advocating ‘revolution’ we must insist on the semantic clarity of historically defined terms if the probability of failure will create an unconscious acquiescence to a purloined radicalism…
Socialism implies the expropriation of the means of production.

A summary of Democratic Socialists of America’s Strategy Document – June 2016 Download PDF 2016 was a game changing year for leftists and progressives. We are finally reemerging as a vital and powerful force after an extended period of stagnation and demoralization, and we face a political landscape more favorable than perhaps at any time…

Source: Resistance Rising: Socialist Strategy in the Age of Political Revolution – Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)

Religion and epochal tiding, reformations, secularism(s)


The passing of monotheism is a confusing question for many believers. In fact, it is more than just a humanist critique of religion. It is a kind of epochal tide that, to a very long view, somehow conditions the histories of religions. Continue reading “Religion and epochal tiding, reformations, secularism(s)”

Zionism and the weaponization of the Old Testament as an instrument of oppression…the Old/New Testament as a pack of lies, chucking the Bible in the rubbish, today…

In a strange irony Zionism has proven to be the nemesis of the Judaic tradition, with the Xtian legacy not far behind on a broader range of issues.

The Old Testament has become a dangerous instrument of prejudice, historical propaganda, imperialism and social oppression. The abuse of this text for Zionist machiavellianism is the death sentence for the whole text, in any case the object of fairly thorough secular humanist expose.

(Actually the Old Testament was obviously from the start a territorial propaganda myth as with the myth of Joshua and the invasion and ethnic cleansing of Canaan.)

The New Testament is a direct competitor on the grounds of deception and rank dishonesty.

Time to chuck the Bible in the rubbish, goodbye to all that…