Market socialism and DMNC/calculation debate

Our reference to ‘socialist markets’ might be confused with the many attempts on the left to promote another brand also called market socialism. However, the definition (cf. Wikipedia) is in general vague and our usage is within range. The calculation debate arose with Mises who threw a monkey wrench into socialist thinking on social economics and its replacement of markets with planning. Although the left answered the challenge many times the debate, on the whole, was a grave liability on the left if only because most leftists in the range of Marxism never understood or ever knew of the debate. And, after all, the construction of the planned economy in Bolshevik Russia seemed to, in fact did, confirm the nature of the difficulty. Then a new development came into the discussion as the era of the computer suggested the possibility of computational software computing the immensely complex market dynamics that the Miseans gleefully warned was too stupendously complex for a bureaucracy of commie planners. Continue reading “Market socialism and DMNC/calculation debate”

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Postcapitalist futures: online texts

Postcapitalist Futures: The Last Revolution: postcapitalist_ futures_NWBK_ver2a_LFT_2021
Post Capitalist Futures: Notes Toward a Critique of Marxist ‘Stages of Production’ Theory

Decoding World History_ED1

Toward a New Communist Manifesto_jlandon_kindle_10_11_16_PDF_ver2

WHEE_abrdg_kindle_johnlandon_PDF2A (1) (1)


Capitalism, Communism and the Evolution of Civilization(1)


The Anthropocene and The Coming of Postcapitalism ver 12
The Crisis of Modernity_ver6
Out of Revolution_text_kindle_johnlandon_wbf_pdf
WHEE_5thed_pdf (1)(1)Kants_challenge_resolved_nature’s secret_plan7xa_web
R48G_The Coming_Of_Postacapitalism_pdf

The Last Revolution

postcapitalist_ futures_NWBK_ver4a_LFT_2021

From the Conclusion

The prophetic period of the 1848 period foresaw the problematic of capitalism but the phenomenon outstripped their revolutionary intent/ Perhaps the escalation of extreme climate will prove the tipping point to action however belated. The current US system is doomed, and the echo chamber of fascist ghosts. The American Revolution was one of the very few that came to a successful term. A republic if you can keep it, as the Founding Fathers noted. We may thus allow ourselves the thought that a new revolution is founded in a hidden lemma of our Constitution, to the consternation of dismal reactionaries and capitalist hyenas. And with a new knowledge bequeathed from the era of the 1848 period, that democracy without a socialism is not democracy and that a new revolution must be the last chance for the Last Revolution, the men in three-cornered hats, now socialists in a new democratic socialist republic, to once again be a model to the world.

Exchange re: marxmail, Cuba and the Yankee hyenas…

Re: Marx beyond theories of history…neo-communism, and the context of evolutionary civilization
From: Nemonemini
To: j.x
Date: Tue, Sep 28, 2021 2:41 am
Thanks for reply, I will try to trust you aren’t a spy for the list, paranoia, but I am frustrated I can’t really post at marxmail: I include a link to a submission yesterday that got censored.
I have spent years on books dealing with socialism, marxism, etc, so it is not fun to get censored at marxmail

The books you cited and that I got I have browsed at high speed, but I have a backlog of hundreds of Kindle books on my cell phone: I try to read one or two a day
but I will try to speed read from the books you cited, plus study the Wikipedia pages. (note: books by Jodi Dean, Stuart Hall, Christian Fuchs…)
However, I am in a different universe, connected but different from the Marxist.
As my DMNC model of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ indicates I am a neo-communist
and that is a long way from the classical canon which is dysfunctional at this point,
Here’s the link to the post in question:
My thinking has moved on from classical marxism and I would like to communicate this to actual leftist groups.
I sent the link to the Cuban embassy just for the heck of it. HaHa. We talk about marxism, but we would both be dead
in the actual Cuba.
In a way Marxists are responsible for the mess in Cuba: the Marxist canon blinds followers to the obvious.
Consider my model: an utterly simple way out for Cuba. But instead, they will end up in collapse as capitalists
take over. The real blame is no doubt the inherent corruption of power by an elite. But Cuba has something special
about it. It is a sad reality: I could repair Cuba with ease, no idle claim, but can’t even post to Marxmail. You should double
check the Stalinist issue, as charged. There are many many thousands of stranded people like me on the left.

I am trying to finish my The Last Revolution. The crisis of the times is coming on fast. But there is no real left to deal
with the situation.