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The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures…//ED2_7_4_2022…

Postcapitalist Futures_The Last Revolution_ED2_7_4_2022

Virtual Revolution? The idea of revolution is controversial, rarely understood, especially by conservatives, and we have recently seen a (counter) revolutionary coup, or farce, attempting to take over the government, starting with the Capitol. We offer nothing but an exercise in free speech as a gedanken experiment with a virtual idea something we call the Red Fortyeight Group Leftists with revolutionary of considerations, active or virtual, idling for decades due to the legacy of Bolshevism, should take note of the way revolutionary action is now a rightist initiative, potentially fascist, but leaving the Left to its paralysis. All the struggles for modern freedom were revolutionary. We must consider revolutionary options then as self-defense against the revolution from the right and the instrument of ‘real democracy’ in creation. An idea can generate real change. One does nothing. But then doing nothing can fatal, as the climate crisis is left unaddressed by the failure of bourgeois democracy in the US. The political class is frozen in place as a whole civilization slips into oblivion. Here a new consensus should project a reformist resolution, The public is hardly aware of just their government has been up to, with a long list of staged CIA coups across the world. So much for sermons about the social order. In part the Marxist legacy has botched its core idea and left in place a a muddle that makes good target practice for the right. The public is being exploited behind the illlusion of ‘democracy’.

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Descent of Man Revisited


Descent of Man Revisited World History: The Hidden Clue to Human Evolution by [John Landon]

I am both pleased and puzzled by the success of this book with thousands of downloads: published in 2012 using Adobe Lightening Print and created with the remarkable, and for its time revolutionary software put out by Adobe. Among its offering is the remarkable Indesign SW which allows text processing far superior to Microsoft’s Word, itself a remarkable innovation of the computer revolution. But Indesign has all the components of an old-fashioned linotype system in the way it computes spacing with fractional spacing of text. Such technology in the hands of those outside of the academic realm of credentialed idiots was a turning point, although the reign of enforced paradigms and cancel tactics is still alive and well.

The evolution debate is shifting slowly away from the Darwin propaganda machine and the reckoning of the inability of the world of Big Science to stop a false form of pseudo-science from falling into the hands of a corrupt social elite, not the least the realm of social Darwinist ideology is still to come. The reputation of science may never recover.

US leading the way to global destruction….an utterly pathetic and finally…fatal situation…//Biden Urged to Embrace Windfall Tax as Exxon Says Profits Doubled in Second Quarter

Windfall tax? is this a joke? Needed: a revolution to take over the oil business, a genuine mafia…

“It’s time for the president to demand that Congress pass a windfall profits tax on Big Oil and use the revenue to provide rebates to consumers NOW!” wrote Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Source: Biden Urged to Embrace Windfall Tax as Exxon Says Profits Doubled in Second Quarter