The evolution question in cosmological context

I want to reiterate my thinking about the alien question and the eonic effect. This particular video is well done and the question of UFO’s proceeds apace. My reference to sufis is something from long ago and I would need to refresh my memory. There is a book The Sirius mystery, which is a bit fringe, I can’t remember, and there is the reference by Gurdjieff to an esoteric secret about contact with beings on the planet Sirius, and then said nothing more save to mention the need to bury the bone deeper. Then there was a strange set of novels by Doris Lessing who if I am not mistaken had direct contact with various Sufis, perhaps in her case Idries Shah???

I don’t know about  any of that, but can point to something no one has yet discussed in terms of alien contact issues. This video and a few more like it are serious, not sensational and consider the issue of consciousness as key. I do not think that alien contact is the source of human evolution or civilization. But the eonic effect’s amazing but low-key data is open to many interpretations. The eonic effect is a smoking gun. but for what? I think the evolutionary angle pointing to a planetary science unknown to us is the right approach. But I can’t rule out some external source here. The problem in the end is that the two are identical perhaps: a universe process that directs evolution can be home grown or external, and in the context of a kind of occult process the two are identical because the processes are beyond space-time. That ‘s the kind of
speculation I try to avoid. One problem is that the eonic effect shows a scale and complexity that is almost beyond belief. Consider a database that could record the three-dimensional history of an evolving species over several millions years. The data there is something beyond the capacity of even advanced technology. BTW, we would need such a dataset to prove that say natural selection actually drove evolution. But the database would be so vast we couldn’t use. Bt I have always considered a related angle: that planets in the involution/evolution of the cosmos are destined to be the cradle of life and must be able to process such stupendous collections of data. They may have a simpler way, but it would seem apt to consider that a planetary body might have computational software that is on the level of such an unimaginable field of data. I doubt if even aliens moving around the universe could manage such a complicated entity.
I recommend a study of the eonic effect then: it is the cautionary lesson in being wary of speculations about aliens directing evolution. We are not really ready as homo sapiens for any of this. Look at the data for eonic effect, hundreds of books for each sector of its transitions, but many more for the overall history. The amount of data requires new level of memory in man. He cannot absorb enough information in his current state. And he must have studied all the branches of human history.

Anyone studying the issue of extraterrestrials ought to take a look at the eonic effect. I have often had a reserve hypothesis the two were connected, but in fact, I don’t think so. But the i…

Source: The eonic effect versus ‘alien contact’///Watch Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun | Prime Video – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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The eonic effect versus ‘alien contact’///Watch Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun | Prime Video

Anyone studying the issue of extraterrestrials ought to take a look at the eonic effect. I have often had a reserve hypothesis the two were connected, but in fact, I don’t think so. But the issues connect at the margins because the emergence of life up through homo sapiens and then the emergence of civilization are in the end cosmological subjects, or so I suspect. The eonic effect is a planetary outcome in the cradle of earth life. It is therefore the default null contact: with the cosmological sources of evolution, and here Darwinism is of no use. Man interacts with a planetary system that evolves man/wo/man. The data on advanced civilizations we must suspect is already here but we have to realize or manifest at our own pace, given however powerful periods of transition such as we see in the eonic series. It would be pointless to bestow man with solutions to his problems or super-advanced technology. Or some escape from chronic tragic/modern human failure. My guess that something like fine-tuning operates at a planetary level and cradles the coming of life. Exactly how does it do that? Something like the eonic sequence suggests at once the answer.
Alien beings can’t traverse the universe and do the homework of student hominids.
The problem with alien contact is, what is an advanced civilization from stars going to do with homo sapiens. Consider, say, the aliens had arrived at the period of the early Roman empire. What are they going to do? establish contact with the Roman emperors and teach advanced technology. The absolute best to do is to leave homo sapiens alone.
But is our present any different? What alien being would wish travel to earth to make contact with…the CIA? Earth politicians?

Man in terms of the eonic effect has entered a critical period, like a period of ‘final examination’, in the terms of the model system action yields to free action and man has to realize the inputs of ‘evolution’ without the macro helper. A dangerous moment. The past gives an ominous warning. The progression from say Athens to Rome is a degeneration of great severity and tragedy. Man never recovered until the next phase of the eonic series. Will the same happen to the outcome of the most recent transition?
Whatever the case the one thing you can’t do is enter an examination room and kibbitz answers. The suspense here is considerable. We can see that one of the questions for this exam is to produce democracy. We can see that man was prompted twice to construct demoncracy. Man was unable to produce democracy without the eonic sequence jumpstarting that trial. The modern case finally seemed to be happening. But already we can see the chaotification setting in.
The dilemmas of human evolution are thus elusive but would seem to not have any advantage in alien contact.
The above may be false, as to interpretation, but the outcome of the eonic process is fairly clear and just doesn’t need alien intervention, even if man goes extinct.

This is by no means a decisive conclusion. Sufis have sometimes claimed that alien contact has already happened with the planet Sirius and that there is a hidden connection. I think that is unlikely, but sufis have no faq here.
The point is that the question may be still more complex than what we have said, but if so it is not clear just why.
But let us reiterate the issue of planetary evolution: a mysterious local process is the de facto status of cosmic contact in the slow/fast evolution of man over the millennia of his existence.

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