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The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures… //version: ED3_1_26_23

The_Last_Revolution_Postcapitalist Futures_ ED3_1_26_23


The socialist project has been so discredited that it is very difficult for anyone to snap out of its mesmerization.

The consequences are proving fatal.


Neo-communism As Ecological Postcapitalism
Ecosocialist Manifestos
“The world is suffering from a fever due to climate change, and the disease is the capitalist development model.”
— Evo Morales, president of Bolivia, September 2007
Looking backward we see the omens of ill-fated capitalism in the context of the many wonders of the modern transition. In a mere two centuries we see the reason, and the prophetic emergence of revolutionary challenges, our generalized Red Fortyeight Group. must now confront the crisis of planetary catastrophe. The focus of socialist transformation must refound its axioms to those of ecosocialist postcapitalism. In fact, the logic of capitalist critique dovetails perfectly with an ecosocialist shaking fist before the spectacle of environmental degradation driven in mesmerized profit obsessions to a madman’s ruin. There after many warnings, manifestos, and conferences, we see the deliberate scofflaw destruction of the Amazon to its tipping points, points of no return. Its contempt mocks the chance of revolution, and its loss of nerve. The conclusion is obvious: the runaway train of capitalist frenzy cannot be reasoned with: it must be overcome in a transition to a new economics, based in nature, with socialist formations at the level of nations coinciding with an ecosocialist International. The socialist transition must be the creation of a Commons, both local and international, and establish a revolutionary response to the rogue dynamic of capitalist mayhem.
COP27: Fiddling while the world burns:
Three Manifestos: Climate Struggles and Ecosocialism:
The Belem Ecosocialist Declaration:

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Beavers and oysters are helping restore lost ecosystems with their engineering skills 

Restoring entire ecosystems is a difficult and expensive process. Thankfully, certain species, called ecosystem engineers, can make restoration easier. Gaining social and political support is critical too.

Source: Beavers and oysters are helping restore lost ecosystems with their engineering skills – podcast

Bad Faith Liberalism and the Politics of False Equivalency  

Many liberals adhere to a false-equivalency discourse in which they endlessly suggest that violence, extremism, demagoguery, and cult-like behavior at work in American society are committed by both the right and the left, as if one balances off the other. This conveniently leaves the center and liberals as the only voices of reason and moderation, willing and eager to offer the only acceptable political position in dealing with far-right authoritarianism.

Source: Bad Faith Liberalism and the Politics of False Equivalency –