Pro-Kremlin media attempts to make fascism politically correct ·Euromaidan Press |

Here are some quotes from January 2020: “Mussolini was a brilliant man, giving the world a third path, on which Russia, in part, is moving.” “He developed the industry, built roads and supported advanced technology in mechanical engineering and aviation. — Italy during the last years of the alliance with Hitler had nothing to do …

Source: Pro-Kremlin media attempts to make fascism politically correct ·Euromaidan Press |

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 Marxists are blocking socialist transition with their rigid and stale historicism

We have often been critical of marxist theories of history: the basic framework of historical materialism and the thesis of stages of production is dated now, and the critiques of socialist transformation have an easy time with the whole corpus, which is unfair because Marx, if you set aside his theories, has a huge corpus of relevant material.
It is very unlikely that the public will ever accept a marxist ideology as a foundation for postcapitalism. The whole subject needs to start over, and soon, time is short. As general background the legacy is useful, but the nature of history would be better addressed without scientism as an empirical subject.

Confronting the riddle of world history January 13th, 2018 • After all the debate and discussion from the left the stark reality remains that Marxist views of history suffer from a flawed foundatio…

Source: Eonic Effects: World history: a complex enigma – Darwiniana