Extreme Free-Market “Shock Therapy” in Postcommunist Eastern Europe Was a Disaster

Free-market ideologues claimed that economic “shock therapy” would turn communist states into models of prosperity. Instead it triggered a recession deeper than the Great Depression and fostered the ultranationalist right in countries like Hungary and Poland.

Source: Extreme Free-Market “Shock Therapy” in Postcommunist Eastern Europe Was a Disaster

Email from Verso…

I am not too familiar with Verso as such, but one can tell a bourgeois capitalist org without too much effort. This is a prime bastion of the ‘leftist/Marxist’ bourgeoisie and as such off limits to me. Fifty or so books a year (or more) to sell to libraries and the authors mostly unpaid, nice work if you can get it. They would never publish anything by me: I expose the Darwin racket, even among Marxists, among other heresies.
Times have changed: NO MORE BOOKS ON THE LEFT EXCEPT SELP_PUBLISHED books with free versions. Consider Descent of Man Revisited: after the whole university professariat waffles on Darwin, a lone ranger has to write an expose of the scientific fraud. No Marxist, let alone Verso, could manage that. Consider The Last Revolution (and/or Last and First Men): self-published, in Kindle, and paperback, with free copies. This book actually takes the work of Marxists and does it for them: what are the prospects of revolution, what are the problems with the Marxist legacy, why was Marx such a dogmatic authoritarian, why can noone on the left critique Marxism, why are all the Verso celebrities too scared to discuss revolution? Could Marxists please stop blabbering about the working class and actually examine that. I spent fifteen years wandering the west, examining the working class, riding freight trains, eating out of dumpsters, working at working class jobs, and at the end of that, completely broke.
The publishing format is actually superior despite amateurish goofs to that of professional publishers who can’t expend effort beyond the routine methods of printing: too expensive. An outsider can do a lot better with the software now available, e.g. Adobe Indesign. Big publishers can’t make money unless they just dump text into boring format.

I recommend breaking through the Marx cult/monopoly to rethink the left. The world is about to self-destruct and noone can seem to respond beyond still more books from verso.
Anyway the idea that marxists represent the working class is actually insulting.

Verso Books is the largest independent, radical publishing house in the English-speaking world.

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Rising CEO pay stands in stark contrast to the grim economic realities that ordinary workers are facing nationwide as inflation—driven in large part by corporate profits—erodes modest wage gains and expiring pandemic aid leaves vulnerable families without a safety net.”While most of America struggles to put gas in the tank and pay the grocery bills, price-gouging, excessive-profit-taking CEOs used their captive boards to award themselves record pay,” Jennifer Taub, a professor at Western New England University School of Law and an expert on corporate governance, tweeted in response to the Journal’s findings

Source: Median Pay of Top CEOs Hits Record $14.7 Million as Workers Strike Over Starvation Wages