The lost opportunity of the era of bolshevism and its stupidities

The fallacies of marxism are a great tragedy in world history.  The Russian revolution created a tremendous opportunity which was squandered completely via the idiocy of Lenin/Stalin, but more the confusion created by marxist theories.

Creating a socialist republic is not inherently  more difficult that creating a capitalist republic. The era of Bolshevik created the prime condition and groudwork: the expropriation of capital. But the result as state capitalism was totally wrong and was in part the fault of Marx who misconceived the whole issue of markets.

Our DMNC model suggests creating a Commons which is a shared resource guaranteed by law and subject to legal redress against anything like top down control by a bureaucracy.  It will have the latter and new technologies of real planning are emerging, but the issue of planned economies will be given a counterpoint in a sector of neo-communist markets which can license resources for socialist entrepreneurs, etc…

This kind of mixed system is a slam dunk and can thrive where the dead hand of marxism generated wrong thinking.

Sadly, a great moment was frittered away: the issue of expropriation now would have to be done all over again. What a wasted chance!



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