Simply declaring for ‘socialism’ isn’t enough

We have commented several times on this interesting article but in the final analysis it makes clear that the left has no real platform and suffers a core incoherence that in effect goes all the way to the refusal of Marx to specify what he projected for the future. This article, like most of the marxist left, can’t make up its mind where it stands on key issues and is stuck at the stage of ‘analysis interminable’.

The basic idea on the left is ‘we’re going to create something called socialism’ that is going to replace what we have now, and we fill in the blanks when the time comes’. It can’t work that way.

There are some definite strategies for breaking out of these doldrums, rendered all the more debilitating by the hard reality that none of the historical ‘exemplars’ deserve the name communism/socialism: the Chinese, North Korean cases, for example, have no demonstrative force, yet claim the classic terminology and suffer no critique as such from the left.

We need to denounce the legacy, and start from scratch and create failsafed systems that can safely project models that function without the chance of stalinist devolution.

Our ‘democratic market neo-communism’ with a larger dimension of ecological socialism is an example and shows the relatively simple way that a spectrum of viable system at various levels of completeness can be constructed.

Our metaphor of the debugger uncovers the fact that you can’t simply design overall systems without getting into troubles analogous to software creation.

That’s a clear model of the way that the marxist/leninist experiment ended up in confused deviation.

Let us note that market based systems seemed to have an advantage in the way their unplanned fundamentals seemed to produce a kind of social self-organization. But we can see the same fallacy emerging in the capitalist realm as the unchecked force of markets generated social failure and climate apocalypse. We have no choice in the end but to proceed toward a postcapitalist refoundation.



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