The eonic effect at the limits of science

The confusions of physics aren’t even surprising and the era of scientism is in any case coming to an end.
But one can recommend the study of the ‘eonic effect’ as a way to seek out a remedy for the imbalance of knowledge prevalent in scientific and professional circles. Or any other field: the reason is the massive dose of contradictory opposites all founded in historical reality and all in seeming splendid contradiction with each other: historical research, the evolution of civilization, the relation of history to evolution, the nature of evolutionary theories, the pace of social innovation and the mystery of ‘eonic evolution’ and its transitions, the legacy of the Old Testament, the yogas of India, the Zoroastrian version of montheism, The strange world of classical China, the genesis of religion, the genesis of science, the curious gestations of great art, the evolution of democracy, the list goes on with hundres of such topics, and thousands soon tens of thousands of books. And while this is too overwhelming (we have scared the reader enough) at least a minimal version of such a project or inquiry is demanded by social existence. The sad reality is that public citizens are by and large kept ignorant, brainwashed with a limited paradigm, and confront a world rapidly entering a strange brand of decay, something the eonic effect clearlys warns of.

The point here is that while we should trust science, up to a point, the larger sphere of historical mystery is the better teacher.

These debates result from the exaggerated/obsessive belief on both sides and they are issues addressed by figures such as Kant who unfortunately has been banished from public culture even as the &#…

Source: Trust Science? the game park of the naive realists…? – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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