R48G: the eonic effect in a capsule…and a question, is man as yet free enough to free himself?

R48G: the eonic effect in a capsule…and a question, is man as yet free enough to free himself?

May 15th, 2017 •

In conventional marxism it is necessary to ‘make the case’ for some difficult issues from a theory of
history to a pronounced materialism (very dated), etc

We have suggested, to reiterate our point, a better and more flexible historical perspective based
on the ‘eonic effect’ which is controversial/trivial, very practical,

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gandhian daydreamers wish to overthrow capitalism…say please//To Save Humanity and Planet, Says Climate Activist, ‘We Must Go Straight to the Heart of Capitalism and Overthrow It’

Revolutionary rhetoric that doesn’t even mention the term ‘revolution’ is a form of daydreaming at this point. And ecologists end up with one track minds where we need a balanced totality: the issue is not climate change but a set of four problems in one, or more… Perhaps this is strategic reticence. How is capitalism to be overthrown? If these daydreamers could slash the tires of one SUV apiece one might take them seriously beyond hand wringers…I don’t recommend that, the idea is what counts here, to start. Was the end of slavery worth the union dead? What’s the body count estimates for postcapitalism and will the new cadre take the gandhians out to be shot?

To overthrow capitalism requires violent action on a massive scale, and it is not clear what these constant invocations of revolution in polite language really mean. Monbiot’s essay is important in any case. This is a transformation of the original thrust of working class revolution. The two must combine and/or restate their basics.

Revolt is illegal, you in? A whole movement could be wiped out in a week by the powers that be to prevent any change (which is not an argument against revolutionary action).

We should note the way the french and russian revolutions slipped into being unexpectedly…

The same will prove true in the coming crisis. But the revolutionaries must be ready and not blow it with leninist instant replays.

The revolution needs to be done right and stated clearly in advance.

We have suggested it many times here and at least adopted a comprehensive approach we call ES/DMNC or eco-socialist ‘democratic market socialism’ which is at least a theoretical focus on a basic four components for a new society, that plus an ecological content. You think about four problems in one: politics, planning/markets, a postcapitalist Commons and this four term reflection then proceeds to construct an interior of ecological socialism. This model can be expanded but the basic point is that we can’t just focus on ecological issues. This approach is adapted to evolutionary/revolutionary versions but it is hard to see how this can be done along an evolutionary path. As noted however the situation could suddenly ripen. We should proceed with an evolutionary version to start but state clearly the need for revolutionary potentials and honestly being to ask how a civil war against capitalist might be brought about.


“We have to overthrow this system which is eating the planet with perpetual growth. I mean since when was GDP a sensible measure of human welfare?”

Source: To Save Humanity and Planet, Says Climate Activist, ‘We Must Go Straight to the Heart of Capitalism and Overthrow It’

  The ‘original sin’ of (judaic) monotheism: the idea of ‘god’ acting in history…?

We have a series of posts today on the issue of monotheism, a subject noone can get straight, noone, certainly not monotheists, nor secularists, nor darwinists…
The eonic effect, itself a mystery, shows why the idea of god acting in history arose in the israelite stream…

If we examine the eonic effect we see that the concept of the one god, the primitive character of the Old Testament and the remarkable frontier effect of the eonic model, ended up spoiling the whole venture underway: the emergence of a general monotheism as a world religion was subtly as a religious tragedy unfolded: one religion becoming two  jackknifed against each other…

To say that ‘god’ was acting in history with a specific focus on Israel was a dangerous delusion and we can see that the parallel emergence of theistic monotheism and an atheistic buddhism in a similar dynamic demonstrates the process remarkable as it was had nothing to do with ‘god’…

The era of the Axial Age in the middle of the eonic effect/sequence shows a truly mysterious process at work during which we see the staging ground for a blending of early persian zorastrianism and…

Source:  The eonic effect shows how the emergence of monotheism turned into a tragedy…and hopeless muddle… – Darwiniana

Marxists living in the past

Marxistsare living in the past of the failed left of the twentieth century. The dreams of revolution of these has beens have created a difficult obstacle to the hopes of a real radicalism… The world of archaeo-marxism, bolshevism, marx/lenin worship, stalinist idiocy, Trotskyism, Maosim, thence to the sixties and its hopeless muddle of the SDS, the SWP and the rest of it deserves its history but it also needs to be disowned and left behind so that a new generation can start over.

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Braindead left sermonizing on russia-gate…time to reopen the whole question…if the left can’t get 9/11 right ‘its’ opinions are worthless…/

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