R48G: toward a new revolutionary option as the crisis of the planet threatens destruction: The Last Revolution (ver_1az_11_26_21)

The Last Revolution_Postcapitalist_Futures_ver_1Az_11_26_21

This version is closing in on a completed, short, book. It would be easy to make it twice as long but something more than bullet points but less than a ponderous tome is needed. American society has long since been turned into a crypto-fascist oligarchy at the mercy of a capitalist class so deranged they cannot for the life of them grasp the coming ecological danger. It has no real future save as a kind of imperial monstrosity of capitalist ecocide. Starting over is the only real option.

A new left is easily constructed and we should welcome the Marxist world to consider this much simpler approach. But Marx does better as part of an historical introduction: we must take it up from there, as he himself indicated. The terms ‘marxist’ and ‘marxism’ are banned from discussion. The legacy of Bolshevism must be disowned. The issue of the working class is up in the air: it is a global phenomenon that needs a version of our ‘DMNC’ based on the ‘working class. In the US the working class is really a part of the middle class: it is not revolutionary, but there is a simple and elegant solution: the working class and the Universal class: the latter is all classes together, and the definition of ‘working class’ is ambiguous: it is either the old-fashioned industrial working class and/or those who are wage laborers and/or those who are passive with respect to capitalist domination: note that a ‘sliding’ class can exploit the ambiguity and create a supercharged new version of the working class, a part or the whole as multiple classes, moving toward the equality of all in a Universal class. In this context, a nerw international can at once address the local an global working class in its slider ambiguity. Continue reading “R48G: toward a new revolutionary option as the crisis of the planet threatens destruction: The Last Revolution (ver_1az_11_26_21)”

marxists are to blame for their own demise: the (revolutionary) left must be postmarxist///Is This the Left that Jacobin Wants?: Chris Maisano’s Perilous Drift Towards Post-Marxism 

One thing is clear now: a radical/revolutionary left must be postmarxist.
Marxists have made a hopeless confusion out of their own legacy. And in part, the problem lies with Marx, who tried to make socialism/communism a Marxist monopoly. In fact, he succeeded and the result is that activists end up in a dilemma as here. The Left is in a ridiculous condition: to try and build socialism inside the Democratic party has to be the dead-end of the new century. But they can see that a third party is virtually impossible. No doubt this is because of the way such things are rigged, but before Bolshevism such parties were abundant, with, to be sure, great resistance in the US. But the fact remains that after 1989, the Marxist left has stalled in its own refusal to account for their failures. Thirty years later the Marxist group is still chanting boilerplate Marxism, refuses any criticism whatever of the canon, worships Marx as some infallible prophet, and expects to convert the public to historical materialism as the master philosophy superior to all others. Continue reading “marxists are to blame for their own demise: the (revolutionary) left must be postmarxist///Is This the Left that Jacobin Wants?: Chris Maisano’s Perilous Drift Towards Post-Marxism “


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Postcapitalist Futures: The Last Revolution
Postcapitalist_ futures_Last_Revoluition_ver_fnl_3axx

Decoding World History

Descent of Man Revisited
Two Manifestos
Two Manifestos
Democratic Market Neo-Communism
Failure of Darwinism
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The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures //Decoding World History: beyond historical scientism

Latest Version:
The Last Revolution_Postcapitalist_Futures_ver_1Az_11_26_21

This is a new version of The Last Revolution (almost the same as prev…I have changed my mind several times on the title: but the Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures is more popular than PC Futures: The Lst Rev).
The book is a companion to: Decoding World History, but the complexity and detail of that book is not needed. That said, the new ‘model of history’ is in essence very simple. The complexity arises only with the need to study an immense number of books to get a handle on global diversity.


It is important to see how the chronology provided in DCD_WH and the Lst_Rev is sufficient for a new left view of world history. It is far better to not try and theorize history using bad science models. It is strange that Marx did that and in the process undermined the whole perspective on the left.

The left needs a broad perspective: trying to win the battle of idealism versus materialism is a waste of time and alienates a clear majority of the population plus

Also, as in post on Hayek today (below), the model in The Lst_Rev repairs the problem in older Marxism of socialism and freedom. Bolshevism handed victory to the right and Hayek was rubbing it in, to no avail since his own view is flawed. But Hayek echoes the calculation debate started by Mises and the issue is dealt with in The_Last_Revolution by bringing markets into socialism in a new form that is postcapitalist

Descent of Man Revisited//downfall of the Darwin propaganda machine


Descent of Man Revisited World History: The Hidden Clue to Human Evolution by [John Landon]

I am both pleased and puzzled by the success of this book with thousands of downloads: published in 2012 using Adobe Lightening Print and created with the remarkable, and for its time revolutionary software put out by Adobe. Among its offering is the remarkable Indesign SW which allows text processing far superior to Microsoft’s Word, itself a remarkable innovation of the computer revolution. But Indesign has all the components of an old-fashioned linotype system in the way it computes spacing with fractional spacing of text. Such technology in the hands of those outside of the academic realm of credentialed idiots was a turning point, although the reign of enforced paradigms and cancel tactics is still alive and well.

The evolution debate is shifting slowly away from the Darwin propaganda machine and the reckoning of the inability of the world of Big Science to stop a false form of pseudo-science from falling into the hands of a corrupt social elite, not the least the realm of social Darwinist ideology is still to come. The reputation of science may never recover.