Lessons of Abolitionism for the Green New Deal | Portside

If you are sneering at advocates of the Green New Deal as impractical dreamers, misguided fanatics or headline seeking demagogues, here is a lesson from our nation’s past that should make you think again. Not only are these agitators deadly serious, but they have substantial historical precedent to back them up. 

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R48G: Last and First Men: an intro to postmarxism as neo-communism…



The Red Forty-eight Group is an abstract model of a new leftist movement that is postmarxist but socialist/neo-communist. It challenges marxist theories but can avail itself of much of the marxist corpus, if only as history or saga. The left must divorce itself from Marx and Bolshevism and not get into the rut of defending those legacies. It is hopeless to expect the public to become convinced by the obsessive defenses of the stale legacy given the massive evidence of the bolshevik era. Who needs it? And who needs Marx’s ponderous theories and texts? Wikipedia length summaries are enough if a new canon will focus on constructivist postcapitalism: Continue reading “R48G: Last and First Men: an intro to postmarxism as neo-communism…”

Antizionism as philosemitism…

This is also why Zionism itself is really the antithesis of the Jewish tradition. The Jews have always been a rootless nomadic race of free thinkers with no devotion to blood and soil but instead a deep seated culture of rebellion against all forms of unjust authority even within their own communities. In fact, most of what I know about Israel’s criminal history comes from the Jews who continue to serve as the number one critics of that foul state that disgraces their proud lineage in their name; Israel Shahak, Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Ilan Pappe, Gilad Atzmon, Uri Avnery.

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daydreaming revolution, daydreaming the lack of one…//The Green New Deal Outlines the Change Society Needs

Discussions about the GND invariably imply the need for social transformation then seem to think we can get the idea past Pelosi, what to say of the Senate/President…
It is possible to daydream revolution, and more than possible to daydream the lack of one…

Source: The Green New Deal Outlines the Change Society Needs