Our Age of Uprisings: We Are a World Remaking Itself | ROAR Magazine

Amidst capitalist crises, social movements are telling new stories about what it means to be human, revealing our collective power to refuse and create.

Source: Our Age of Uprisings: We Are a World Remaking Itself | ROAR Magazine

One uprising we haven’t had is that from an older-style marxist revolutionary cadre. For some that is a relief and we see a freshness in these novel movements. The failures of Bolshevik have put the marxist legacy into limbo. And that is all to the good: but the displacement is an opportunity for a post- or neo-marxism that eschews the ‘ism’ and cult of personality of Marx in the term ‘marxism’ itself which needs to be retired.
But the vigor of reformist uprisings evokes the echo of a revolutionary movement and an associated International. The prospects for change are, beyond enthusiastic upsurges and fresh beginnings, not good, and the examination of ‘heavy duty’ style movements comes under review once again.

In the The_Last_Revolution_Postcapitalist_ Futures_ver_FNL_5xa_12_27_21, we have tried to create a new version of the early socialist upsurge which Marx for better or worse took over and tried to make systematic. But with the failure of Bolshevism that legacy has become a quagmire of confusions.
A critical Marxism, that is, a critique of Marxism, can jumpstart an upgrade of all of that and propose both a new socialism and a new International as well. The task is tricky because the blundering social constructions of socialist thinkers, often charged with utopianism, suffer, not delusions of utopia, but simple failure to think through the implications of social constructs, their origins and repair, and movements beyond themselves. The upsurge of uprisings is a foreboding as the last chance for social change rushes toward the falls, the coming climate catastrophe. At that point a revolutionary International, and serious models of a future society find their stocks rising, but their too often amateurish projections inadequate, as they too go over the falls..

We can start over with a critique of Marx/Engels, and consider how to arrive at socialist democracy whether by revolutionary or reformist means. Revolution may be the last chance, and a perilous passage. We must study the ways to do the job right.

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