Revolutionary option?…//Posts on ‘democratic market neo-communism’

It is hard to think of a more grotesque situation than the american government and it is almost a duty to at least consider the option of revolutionary action. Our DMNC model points beyond the failed social democratic compromise to a compromise done right: a system that is janus-faced as both liberalism and neo-communism. reading Revolutionary option?…//Posts on ‘democratic market neo-communism’

 From lost cause to ‘neo-‘…as in ‘democratic market neo-communism’ The legacy of ‘communism’ seems like a lost cause and this blog has repeatedly stressed the need for a radical caesura with its past in order to recompute the whole subject, starting with semantics. This requires in addition an examination of marxism whose tenets have debatedly been the cause of the complete failure of … Continue reading  From lost cause to ‘neo-‘…as in ‘democratic market neo-communism’