History as causal mechanics or simple story?

History as causal mechanics or simple story? May 27th, 2018 ·
This influence is crystallized most clearly in Smucker’s argument that the “historical task” of progressive movements “has more to do with ‘telling a good story’ than it does with ‘speaking the truth,’” and that the central front in the battle for power is “essentially a contest over popular meanings and common sense.”
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Global warming and social transformation

R48G: global warming as grounds for revolutionary ecological socialism…
August 10th, 2018 ·
We are almost at the Gaian endgame: we need a revolutionary movement reborn from the internationals of the twentieth century, able to create a complete break with that past without frittering away the opportunity in facile reformism and yet not smothered in Marxist dogmas. Continue reading “Global warming and social transformation”