Reform/revolution and the lack of any serious platform

We might hope that in the end the reformist/revolutionary divide will prove illusory as new combinations of effective change emerge. But the dilemma tends to confuse all parties: the critique of reformism is entirely cogent, but the stance toward revolutionary transformation is mostly botched by so-called revolutionaries themselves who seem to expect they can transform society as the ‘good guys’ y given the revolutionary moment. Every example from the past shows failure. That’s depressing, but the reasons are not beyond analysis Continue reading “Reform/revolution and the lack of any serious platform”

Revolution: its appearance in the modern era

One of the mysteries of world history (but clarified by the eonic model) is the sudden appearance of the phenomenon of revolution (there were earlier ‘premonitions’, perhaps, consider the early greek city-states): this striking fact belies the general tendency to conservative obsession that animates culture and politics…
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Revolution in a void?

R48G: the template of a neo-communist revolution
July 29th, 2017 ·
Our discussions of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ are an attempt to deal with the obsessive compromises that always overtake leftist positions resulting in the usual social democratic
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An evolutionary transition to a revolutionary moment…

The division between reformist and revolutionary paths on the left may be misleading: they work in tandem willy-nilly at a time when the prospect of revolutionary action is seemingly remote. The spectrum of thriving activist groups is pushing the overall political world into an unstable ‘tyranny’: even as the power of the american monolith increases its inner coherence is deteriorating and at some point the whole game is shot and forced into breakdown. It would be nice to see change before the climate crisis turns the whole system into ‘chaos, too late’: it is important for radicals to prepare for a revolutionary transition they didn’t ask for.

Virtual revolution? from last month: an evolutionary path to some version of democratic market neo-communism?
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