Trump’s crime against humanity

R48G: Trump’s crime against humanity and the need to put a stop to it as soon as possible, a desperate situation

April 17th, 2017 ·

We have about ten years left to prevent irreversible catastrophe on the climate change front and yet just at this point we are treated to Trump’s effort to deprive us of our last chance. It is hard to fathom the depth of wilful ignorance here, and of the capitalist world suffused in false ideology.

We have the right to revolt here, and in fact this has moved into the realm of duty. We can eschew revolution for an evolutionary path, or pursue both, and we can also aggressively point out to a
deceiving liar who has flipflopped on all the issues he began with that he can do a flipflop on the issue of

Would workers’ control change anything? Toward a classless Commons…

The question of socialism is far more than the question of the working class (which in the US is almost marginal at this point). If the working class controlled industries would their self-interest move to ignore the issue of climate change? A real socialist breakthrough has to look at the whole society and move to create a holistic system beyond class in which the issue is not working class control but the chance of expropriation of the whole property/capital sphere and the creation of a Commons…
It just might be possible for a reformist spectrum to move toward and electoral foundation for real socialism…expropriation of the means of production…

The welfare state isn’t enough. A future Bernie Sanders government needs to pursue policies that diminish the power of capital and radically democratize the economy.

Source: A Plan to Win Socialism In America