China democratic? pure garbage…//China and the other socialist countries are smashing the myth of socialism as undemocratic – Friends of Socialist China

This perspective is almost complete garbage. China is trying to move the goalposts by a redefinition of ‘democracy’ that can ignore liberal rights, etc…and the only people who are likely to fall for this are confused leftists who are stuck in corrupted terminology. The ‘myth of socialism’ referred to is Bolshevik/Chinese pseudo-socialism based on Marxism which originally was eminently democratic but so critical of liberal systems distorted by capitalism that by the time of Bolshevism the idea of ‘democratic socialism’ had fractured into a near prejudice against (bourgeois) democracy. China has never shown any evidence of democratic commitment and was/is a police state run by psychopathic gangsters who run a vast gulag system and would like to liquidate any who don’t consider China ‘democratic’. A critique of bourgeois democracy is no doubt entirely apt, but the solution is not to create dictatorship in order to create socialism. The task of socialism has been almost completely wrecked by the Marxist/bolshevik legacy and needs a semantic rebirth.

As we have noted here many times, terms like ‘socialism’ can’t be used in isolation anymore. They point to a void that ends up being defined against themselves. Our idea of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ is a multiply failsafed four or more term system/concept that requires socialism, democracy be defined together. If you use the term democracy alone you get the capitalist-dominated systems of the ‘liberal’ realm, if you use the term ‘socialism’ alone you get the monstrosities like the chinese case.
Not this approach is foolproof.
We have noted the need for a complete break with the past, to the point we can’t use the term ‘communism’ anymore. Instead, a term like neo-communism demands a restart. This gesture is a reminder that the term ‘communism’ has been semantically crippled, and can never really be used again.

Again, note the way this piece tries to coopt the classic critique of liberal democracy as it arose in the generation before and up to Marx and which cogently tried to amend the idea with a socialist construct. The idea now arrives in the demented brain of the Chinese emperor/psychopath/fascist as a brilliant contribution to world democracy in the rising imperialist system of Chinese exploitation. Repeat, ‘demented brain of the chinese emperor/psychopath/fascist’,…hey, free speech.

Friends of Socialist China was honoured to be invited by the International Department of the Communist Party of China to participate in a virtual meeting of Marxist parties in Europe, North America and Oceania, entitled ‘Democracy, Justice, Development and Progress: The Pursuit of Marxist Political Parties’ on 15 December 2021. This meeting brought together over … Continue reading China and the other socialist countries are smashing the myth of socialism as undemocratic

Source: China and the other socialist countries are smashing the myth of socialism as undemocratic – Friends of Socialist China

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