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Democracy may not belong to the United States, but it certainly doesn’t belong to the CCP or China and the almost unbelievably brain dead take on ‘democracy’ in this demented muddle is alarming for its degree of proof that communist parties take intelligent people and leave them, well, … brain dead. Of all the retarded politicians on the planet (in a list that includes not a few American presidents) JI has to close to the top of the list.
Democracy is a shared value of humanity. It does not belong to the United States, or to the capitalist world, alone. This was the theme of the Meeting of the Chinese Communist Party and Marxist Political Parties from Europe, North American, and Oceania held on December 15, 2021.
As noted before the classic critique by Marxists of capitalism-dominated ‘bourgeois democracies’ turns here into a kind of superfallacy of some kind of new and revised ‘democracy’ controlled by totalitarian bureaucrats. It is unnerving when a people as intelligent as the Chinese get lobotomized by Marxism/Leninism/Stalinism/CCP dementia. This is pure Orwellian double think in a remarkable specimen of such.
The Chinese preoccupation with their 5000 year tradition in reality shows the problem: to endure so long in one format is an inexorable path to a closed and narrow consciousness. In the same time period occidental culture zones have remorphed themselves dozens of times in a constant remix.
And the legacy of the monotheistic religions has produced a more integrative mixture of peoples. Look at the cultural diversity and integration of the US, whatever the limits of its corrupted democracy, and compare that with the total strike out of the CCP on the case of the Uighurs. The most alarming thing is that the issue of the Uighurs is to totally misunderstood by the Chinese CCP elites.
The hard reality is that Chinese cultural history has produced a strange Leviathan of ethnocentric blindness. China needs to break itself into pieces, integrate a new culture of multiple ethnic histories, abandon its ingenious, classic, but archaic writing system, and most of all exit its fake communism as a relic of stalinism. Unless the Chinese can create a multiethnic culture, and on their mainland, they remain under suspicion, as with also Tibet, of colonialist cultural imperialism.

The issue of democracy is becoming tragic: in the midst of a global crisis of democracy the Chinse CP can recommend nothing more than this idiocy of the regressive, retarded, fascist and quite creepy morons of the JI type.

We have said it many times here: the legacy of Marxism is dead and the left needs to start over with a new take on socialism.

Source: Chinese Communist Party and fraternal political parties meet – Communist Party USA

 The CPC/Bolshevik monstrosities

I have tried for quite a while to critique the Marxist legacy from the left, along with its outcomes, Bolshevik, and in the Chinese case, and others. The realm of Marx had really bad luck, and the Bolshevik case (with the Chinese basically in that category) produced a distortion that is almost impossible to deal with short of starting over with new and very careful use of terms. China emerged very closely matched at the start with Bolshevik then Stalinist thinking. It has always been so. The left must face reality, they have produced nothing but one mess after another. And yet the real McCoy shouldn’t be so hard to bring off. Where has the left gone wrong?
It is time face reality: The CPC is a pseudo-communism, authoritarian, fascist, ethnocentric, neo-colonialist and racist, genocidal gangster operation tied to and strangely a colony of neoliberal capitalism. It is determined to infiltrate the global left and will liquidate most of the subscribers to Marxmail at the endgame. The left raised on Marxist dogmas cannot discriminate between interpretations of a ‘shared’ Marxist jargon universe. All we can do is leave the Chinese case behind and start over, however reluctant many would be to accept that. Here we have dropped for good the term ‘communism’ for ‘neo-communism’, for example not that that really solves the problem, to keep one step ahead of cognitive dissonance. But changing terms can make clear that, as here  the term ‘communism’ is obsolete.
The fault we must consider lies with the original Marxist corpus, mindful that can be unfair. And yet there is a vein of flawed thinking in the Marx legacy, which is depressing in its total failure to produce any successes.
You may call this extreme, but what is the alternative? Communism in any real sense requires overthrowing the Chinese monstrosity and starting over. As we have noted many times, part of the problem is the use of slogan nouns, like socialism, undefined and which then refer to doomed realizations. We must have a new and rigorous terminology. Part of the problem lies with ‘stages of production’ theory, which prophesies communism to come after capitalism. But the historical theory behind that is not science in any sense, and it has led to a complacency about the inevitability of postcapitalism when the stark reality is that an intelligent left of some sort has to define what that means and do the job right, not so simple, and beyond the capacity of cadre Marxists who imagine solidarity with the CPC.

The world is waiting anxiously and short of conviction for a new path to socialism. But that is not so simple given monstrosities like the CPC and its Bolshevik sources.

Within and outside DSA, many on the Left have aligned themselves with the Communist Party of China (CPC). Guest author Travis S. submitted this piece to Tempest in the interest of furthering debate on the question of how the left should relate to the CPC. He explores the contradictions and implications of tying the Left to the ruling party of China.

Source: Building a mass movement with no apologism – Tempest

China democratic? pure garbage…//China and the other socialist countries are smashing the myth of socialism as undemocratic – Friends of Socialist China

This perspective is almost complete garbage. China is trying to move the goalposts by a redefinition of ‘democracy’ that can ignore liberal rights, etc…and the only people who are likely to fall for this are confused leftists who are stuck in corrupted terminology. The ‘myth of socialism’ referred to is Bolshevik/Chinese pseudo-socialism based on Marxism which originally was eminently democratic but so critical of liberal systems distorted by capitalism that by the time of Bolshevism the idea of ‘democratic socialism’ had fractured into a near prejudice against (bourgeois) democracy. China has never shown any evidence of democratic commitment and was/is a police state run by psychopathic gangsters who run a vast gulag system and would like to liquidate any who don’t consider China ‘democratic’. A critique of bourgeois democracy is no doubt entirely apt, but the solution is not to create dictatorship in order to create socialism. The task of socialism has been almost completely wrecked by the Marxist/bolshevik legacy and needs a semantic rebirth.

As we have noted here many times, terms like ‘socialism’ can’t be used in isolation anymore. They point to a void that ends up being defined against themselves. Our idea of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ is a multiply failsafed four or more term system/concept that requires socialism, democracy be defined together. If you use the term democracy alone you get the capitalist-dominated systems of the ‘liberal’ realm, if you use the term ‘socialism’ alone you get the monstrosities like the chinese case.
Not this approach is foolproof.
We have noted the need for a complete break with the past, to the point we can’t use the term ‘communism’ anymore. Instead, a term like neo-communism demands a restart. This gesture is a reminder that the term ‘communism’ has been semantically crippled, and can never really be used again.

Again, note the way this piece tries to coopt the classic critique of liberal democracy as it arose in the generation before and up to Marx and which cogently tried to amend the idea with a socialist construct. The idea now arrives in the demented brain of the Chinese emperor/psychopath/fascist as a brilliant contribution to world democracy in the rising imperialist system of Chinese exploitation. Repeat, ‘demented brain of the chinese emperor/psychopath/fascist’,…hey, free speech.

Friends of Socialist China was honoured to be invited by the International Department of the Communist Party of China to participate in a virtual meeting of Marxist parties in Europe, North America and Oceania, entitled ‘Democracy, Justice, Development and Progress: The Pursuit of Marxist Political Parties’ on 15 December 2021. This meeting brought together over … Continue reading China and the other socialist countries are smashing the myth of socialism as undemocratic

Source: China and the other socialist countries are smashing the myth of socialism as undemocratic – Friends of Socialist China

 DMNC model as a tool to set reference points

Our model of democratic market neo-communism aspires to a genuine realization in real-time but at the same time or short of that it is very useful as an independent standard: in the debates over China and/or the US a kind of partisan propaganda effect emerges on both sides. And the US might well expose the hypocrisy and malevolent hypocrisy of the Chinese global surge, but to play one off against the other doesn’t work: here the modeling tool we call DMNC is useful to break through the duality of equally flawed opposites. Almost all political systems can be measured against the implicit reference points in the model: democracy/authority, a Commons, the status of property, markets to socialist markets (next to the different market socialism), etc… The diatribe against China is convincing but we have no real alternative in the US despite the emerging challenge on the score of democracy.
This book is useful but might induce as per the genre a failure to see the false duality: there is no global leader anymore, and none can bear up to a real standard, granting that both sides could care less about their ‘ideals’… Our DMNC model can mediate two opposing failures, granting that the US et al. do hold up a standard of rights and liberties, where China is aggressively against freedom as democracy, human rights, etc…

Source: Hidden Hand: Exposing How the Chinese Communist Party is Reshaping the World – Kindle edition  – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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