Kant, free will, and the antinomies of reason

The free will debate lurks in the background of leftist politics, in part because of the deterministic confusions of marxist ‘mode of production’ theory. It is difficult to arrive at stable views here, for reasons that a study of Kant and his studies of the ‘antinomies of reason’ make clear. Although the debate is perhaps endless and intractably insoluble we can at least not attempt to inflict marxist dogmatism on socialism. Our various models speak of free agency instead of free will, which leaves the issue open yet has all the advantages on the free will issue.
There is no automatic path to postcapitalism: unless we act freely as free agents to create it we will drift into barbarism, mode of production theory blowing in the wind…

Source: Did the neural pattern that showed that there is no free will turn out to be noise? | Uncommon Descent

 The left has no historical framework, given the collapse of marxist historicism…

The model of the eonic effect seems perhaps a bit speculative, but its basic empirical content is well-established and at a time when the left is drifting in confusion over its historicist ideology a new and neutral view of history is needed: the eonic effect would make a good choice, reduced to basics, as an outline and taken as a field to reconstruct the issues of capitalism, socialism, and even religious histories still very strong, Continue reading ” The left has no historical framework, given the collapse of marxist historicism…”

 Out with it: socialism means expropriation of private property/capital

Trying to pass off ‘socialism’ as social democracy may not work either: nothing is said here about the expropriation of private property/capital. It might in the end work better to be hones about the question, and not conceal the reality. The term has already resurfaced against the odds: we may as well declare the real meaning of the term and point out that social democracy/the New Deal were not socialist but that the real thing is starting to come to the fore

.. It doesn’t matter who the Democratic nominee for president is next year, they will be attacked for being “socialist.”  It will be relentless and merciless.  The problem is that none of the current

Source: Teaching Democrats to Talk About Socialism | Common Dreams Views

The failure of capitalism…and pseudo-socialism…

The hopeless confusion created by bolshevism is made the worse by the rote and kneejerk refusal of many on the left to take a critical stance toward their legacy.
Many fail to see that a new canon must be prepared and this requires a critical marxism and a determination to critique and correct a frozen tradition. The whole subject requires a new terminology, and a failsafed consideration of how socialism might be possible.
The issue of capitalism’s failure has made a new left inevitable, but its way of being stuck in a groove will doom renewal…
The failure of capitalism and the return of socialist failsafes
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 Opposites as a unity?

The world of the chinese aspires to democracy, and the world of the democracies aspires to socialism: n’er the twain shall meet: we need to formulate a single format for democracy/socialism that is not stuck in the hard duality of the opposites that aren’t opposites.
Our democratic market neo-communism is one such unification of those opposites and both Hong Kong and the mainland could use it!

Something didn’t quite add up. This past weekend, protestors were rallying outside the American embassy in Hong Kong. They were waving American flags. They were singing The Star-Spangled Banner. One 24-year-old protester wore a red Make America Great Again hat. Some signs at the protest read “President Trump, please liberate Hong Kong.”

Source: Hong Kong and the Future of China – CounterPunch.org