Profound Damage Wrought by GOP-Packed Supreme Court

The For the People Act Filibuster and the End of American Politics | The New Republic

It’s hard to think of an issue that’s inspired broader center-left consensus than the Republican threat to the right to vote. Jacobin informs us that “There’s Less Than Two Years to Save American Democracy.” A piece in The Atlantic keeping us to a tighter schedule says we’ve already arrived at the “Last Chance to Save Democracy.” “American democracy,” CNN concurred in early June, “is about to show if it can save itself.” I myself called our political moment “Democracy’s Moment of Reckoning” not long ago. Joe Biden is worried. Ilhan Omar is worried. And Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have let us know that they’re worried, too. In a recent ad called “Transmissions From the Future,” they play haggard versions of themselves in 2055 urging the passage of the For the People Act as jackboots from an unnamed regime ram at their door. “This future doesn’t have to be,” Bloom says. “Save democracy while you can.”

Source: The For the People Act Filibuster and the End of American Politics | The New Republic

Archive: The US’s disgusting genocidal mafia pseudo-democracy can never again be a model of ‘democracy’…for Cuba or otherwise…

The US is a disgusting mess and end-game pseudo-democracy controlled by covert agencies, a drug mafia built-in that rakes in profits from Afghan opium (why did it last so long, duh),
presidential stooges of Wall street, crypto-fascist elements, especially in the corpse of the Republican party, a two-party system fronting for oligarchs, a government that stooped to mass murder on 9/11 in one of the greatest coverups in history, a victim of proxy Israeli zionists who plotted the JFK assassination, helped with 9/11, systematically racist, a menace to democracies overseas, …there’s more, but that’ enough to scare away imitators with their arms twisted by all of the above.
The Cubans need no sermons from me, but the above my be a warning to the hopeless idiots called ‘American patriots’ (and the Miami ‘rightwing Cuban vulture pimps of the old Cuban whorehouse system’)

Source: A four party state? DMNC models… – 1848+: The End(s) of History

How They Stole $50 Trillion. How We Take It Back 

Between the mid-1930s and mid-1970s worker organizing and unrest created a degree of economic democracy not achieved since. It was quite an accomplishment. After several decades of increased standards of living for most US workers, corporate actors organized a counter-attack that aimed to reverse those gains. The mid-20 century was no golden age. But, it More

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Losing Democracy 

“Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy . . .” – Plato, The Republic, circa 375 B.C. Leave it to the Republicans, and the “American experiment with fascism,” as a former White House official wrote, will become something permanent. Our democracy will be nothing more than a veneer, as in Hungary. And this un-American backdrop as More

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 Recasting obsolete Marxism in one paragraph…

Note the way we have shown that it is possible to recast the obsolete and corrupted Marxist legacy on the spot with very simple means, almost in one page. It needs more work, but the point is clear. The Marxist cadre has made the whole subject impossibly difficult, requiring domination by a new elite, and error-prone. Further, we must suspect the whole Marxist field is infiltrated by covert agencies and hidden Stalinists and has been neutralized.

Update: Note that we can construct an ecological socialism/communism without marxism, without dialectic or dialectical materialism, without Marxist historicism, without Hegel/Marx and the oppressive jargon of German philosophy, The system is not a pretense of science, but a constructive recipe open to anyone at the level of basic literacy and recognizable as a socialist variant of democracy. We don’t need Darwinism which can be simplified to an empirical history of life, and not a theory, as yet. This system doesn’t indulge a battle between idealism and materialism, who cares, and follows the trend of religion from the Reformation to the rise of secular humanism: the system would probably need to incorporate the still developing history of religion in modern times. The system might stand beyond theism and atheism and still give a boost to secular humanism. The trend of modernity is beyond the ancient monotheism, but this need be no intolerant divide, another who cares in our system

Source: Democratic market neo-communism as ecological socialism: beyond theory madness to a recipe for a new system describable in one paragraph – 1848+: The End(s) of History

Four dark secrets about America

There is no DemocracyPresident Lincoln defined democracy as “of the people, by the people, for the people.” That obviously doesn’t apply to the U.S.A. anymore. The government is made of millionaire politicians, run by corporate lobbyists, and makes policies for the plutocrats. You can vote all you want, but even well-intentioned politicians cannot push through meaningful reforms. This is because of what Francis Fukuyama calls “Vetocracy.” This is the ability of the rich and the powerful to veto anything they don’t like. You can already see this in action with the Biden administration – corporate taxes, student loan forgiveness, $15 minimum wage, infrastructure spending etc. have all been thwarted or diluted.A Princeton study looked at bills covering 1700 public policies over three decades. And the summary of the research: The rich win and the masses lose.Americans don’t even have the freedom to vote for a viable third-party candidate because the oligarchs are too lazy to manage more than two puppets. DNC and RNC are undemocratic private entities that carefully screen the candidates to eliminate anyone who might challenge the status quo.

Source: Four dark secrets about America – NationofChange