Capitalism Versus Democracy

What this signals, for those to whom it isn’t yet obvious, is that there are no circumstances short of revolution that will move the Democrats from service to their rich patrons. Given the stakes of environmental crisis, deaths of despair overtaking the hinterlands and military inclinations pushing the U.S. toward wars it can’t win, Democrats are signaling that they would rather go down with the U.S.A. Titanic than offer up the solutions being put forward by young socialists.

Source: Capitalism Versus Democracy

 DMNC: communist economies more efficient than capitalist?

Despite its reputation for basket case economics the idea of communism (socialism) as in our ‘democratic market neo-communism’ should be able to create far more efficient economies than pure capitalism. We need at each point to qualify the terms /communism/socialism/ to some key specifics: the issue of democracy and authority, the issue economics in practice, e.g. socialist markets and planning and the creation of a Commons. The prospect of affluence as the climate crisis deepens has little in the way of guarantee…

Source: Climate, communism and the Age of Affluence?