The US is destroying its place in history as a ‘democracy’ model…//Sorting through the lies about Venezuela « Systemic Disorder

Has destroyed, would be more accurate….
Challenging United States hegemony is never an easy course. A county need not be socialist — it is enough to either voice aspirations toward socialism, or merely demonstrate a pattern of not doing …

Source: Sorting through the lies about Venezuela « Systemic Disorder

 Socialism/communism have no historical exemplars, goodbye to the montrosities of the bolshevik era…

It is not clear to me what exactly I am reading here in this certainly interesting essay, see link below. But if the author includes China as a ‘socialist’ political system, I dissent at once confronted with the monstrosities that the era of bolshevism created and passed to China. But what is the nature of the Cuban system in reality? It is unclear to me and the essay sabotages its own intriguing depiction.

Our DMNC model speaks of neo-communism and divorces itself from all prior attempts, Continue reading ” Socialism/communism have no historical exemplars, goodbye to the montrosities of the bolshevik era…”

  Trump’s hatred of democracy in the global ‘conspiracy’ to set up dictators….

The question of Trump and Putin has been obvious from the start but without the full proof beyond a reasonable doubt. The global tide, one really ought to say ‘conspiracy’, of dictatorship has Trump’s sympathies and direct wish to imitate. Clearly Trump has no interest whatever in democracy and over and over he has in effect attempt (symbolic) sabotage wherever possible: the shutdown being the obvious yet almost subliminal case.
There is a further resemblance the hypnosis seen in the ‘manchurian candidate’ syndrome although we can’t quite close the case…..

Source: Durbin Calls for Senate Hearings to Probe ‘Serious Questions’ About Why Trump Is ‘So Chummy’ With Putin

 Communism and its missing components

The term ‘communism’ has assumed a rigid definition that dooms its realizations to state capitalism, anti-democracy, and command economies. But the term should simply assume that without democracy and robust economies its realization has not occurred. The assumption that bolshevism was an exemplar without protest, by and large, from the marxist left has nearly wrecked the use of the concept nexus altogether.
Our idea of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ specifies a complex of properties without which we cannot a communist concept at all.

Source: selections from Democratic Market Neo-communism – 1848: The Ends of History