A new framework for the left? Revolution in history and the eonic model… round and round on a jargon merry-go-round….

We have been repeating over and over the need to move beyond Marxism to a new framework.
We have produced several here, on the spot. Perhaps incomplete. And the issue of Kantian ethics should be brought in.
Decoding World History shows how to move on from historical materialism: use its empirical chronology and avoid theory.
The core of world history shows a mystery, but we can see that the right context is that of evolution, but teleological in a special sense.
Man’s evolution is guided evolution operating over immense time-scales. Then all of a sudden the macro stops and man is alone in his own history
A dangerous moment. We see the danger in the decline of the ancient world from its brilliant stating point(s).

The question of economics and a social model is set as neo-communism remorphed from liberalism, and vice versa.
The issues are always stated for reformist and revolutionary contexts. But the issue of revolution is problematical, obviously.
We have left marxism behind because its implications (or the lack of them) among other things are very violent.
So are wars, and so are ‘just wars’, if such a thing exists.
In history revolutions show, in terms of the eonic model both system action and free agency. But even from Marx’s time this had changed.
Revolutions are then free action, which means they might mostly fail or never arise. We see why socialism seems to be going nowhere.
But it means you need to know what you are doing, and do it right. And the issue of violence must be addressed.
The state in the US seems so powerful now that its fate is sealed.
‘Revolution’ as we see is an incoherent category. Marx tried to fix that, but he seems to have failed.
The real revolution is the modern transition and it operates in vastly extended categories: politics,
philosophy, art, religion, science, music, ….etc… We have thus invented the term ‘floating fourth turning point’.
That means that a real revolution must complete global modernity in the sense of a holist social transformation.
Not so simple! But at this point, the climate crisis is going to force the issue.
Marxists seem to think they are going to be ready at the key moment for their final act. Very doubtful.
Marxist don’t really have a platform. Thousands of books from Verso, and not much to show for it.

We have adopted a recipe approach. And that is much simpler, specific and usable without an elite of Marx interpreters/priesthood.
The DMNC model needs a lot of legal add-ons, etc…But the gist is there and it is designed to be either reformist or revolutionary.
At some point the point will come when the equivalent of revolution and/or reformism as revolution or the reverse.
As the right attempts to create a fascist autocracy the moment of revolution will come but will anyone be ready.
Please, Mr. Alan Woods: don’t think that Marxism can do the job. The dictatorship of the proletariat. What a swindle that was.
It meant that the bourgeoisie read Lenin seizes power in the name of the proletariat and establishes a real dictatorship.
Forget the working class. We need to create models in advance that guarantee legally the economic rights of works.

Enough, we step off the merry-go-round for the moment.

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