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The material on socialism often seems old or worn to  many, but our prime objective remains original: find a socialist economy that is not braindead, and can really make, in our case, ‘democratic market neo-communism’ viable….


Our idea of revolution is entirely open to a ‘working class’ interpretation, i.e. an ‘industrial working class focus’, but it also examines the meaning of the idea of the ‘working class’: if the working class is everyone who works at wage labor then class inclusion is almost universal. So what are talking about? The focus has expanded: we are dealing not just with labor exploitation, but with capitalism and ecology, and much else and these require a larger sector of the ‘working, i.e. universal, class’. Our approach needs to razzle dazzle (touch football term?) and do many things as once in a multitasking universal class.

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The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures….//1st_ed_ver_6_20_22

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Modern political systems are inchoate starting points thrown up by the early modern revolutions. The rebirth of the term ‘democracy’ begs the question of what it should mean, and the same is true of the roughly parallel emergence of the terms ‘socialism’ and ‘communism’. In the midst of this confusion, capitalism emerges in a kind of stealth take over of the democratic initiative. So we find ourselves in the limbo of flawed political constructs that are all too liable to counterrevolutionary action, dictatorship and capitalist super-Leviathan controlled by the increasing dominance of Machiavellians, psychopaths, and outright criminals.

Starting over should therefore be considered a real if dangerous option. The founders sensed as much and suggested that future revisions would come. But the system is so overwhelmed by power structures such as the CIA never reckoned at the start.


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The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures….//version_6_10_22…


The_Last_Revolution_Postcapitalist Futures_ver_6_10_22

Although I respect the work of Marx/Engels as a foundational starting point the future almost always defeats efforts to defy its logic, as Oedipus learned the hard way. Stale reputation of Marx as a prophet is going to work a second time. But we can easily outwit historical mechanical degeneration with a simple restart, like a man of mediation who thinks ‘will in the now’, with a clarification of principles and new ways to consider the tricky nature of religious, secular, economic, and constitutional principles, this in the context of ‘democracy’. It is highly unlikely that the Marxist corpus can generate a new avenue to socialism, as Marx understood very well in his excessive refusal to legislate the future. A simple clarion call and a brilliant Manifesto seems right. The American system was destined to be replaced and it is just about written into the Constitution. An ominous echo of the period leading to the Civil War seems to echo in our own times as the curse of the original constitution’s compromise on slavery becomes the recurring nightmare of the so-called American republic and its endemic racism. The original constitutional framework may be beyond repair. 

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The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures….//version_6_3_22…

The_Last_Revolution_Postcapitalist Futures_ver_6_3_22

Finished short section in Preface opening discussion of ecological/socialist issues. More to come in later chapters… Historical materialism, despite the efforts of figures like Bellamy, is a really poor perspective for eco-socialism. The eonic effect shows clearly the way the early modern is a balanced transition with the Enlightenment and the Romantic movement in synchronous counterpoint. The Romantic era is one of real sources of the coming ecology.
In general the eonic effect shows massive correlation with almost all the innovations, movements, religion, secularism, etc,… in world history. The idea that economics is the prime mover of historical eras and periods is simply false.
Marxists are completely closed in like a cult. I can’t even post a link at Marmail (I did once for a very early edition without much Marx criticism). Marxists would do well to study their critics, and this critique especially. Their opponents will.


Starting to bring in a lot of eco-socialist material, and other issues. Marxists e.g. Bellamy are claiming Marx was an ecologist all along. The evidence is marginal but the attempt is worthy, however: trying to add ecology to the Marx canon is another round of Marxist monopoly cultism. The eonic model shows the far larger and better resources of the modern transition on ecology: cf. the Romantic Movement. Historical materialism has to be just about the worse approach to ecology possible.

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The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures….//version_5_26_22….//Is the (last) revolution a patriotic duty?

Wed: may 25
Dated as Thursday May 26


From the new Preface
Is revolution a patriotic duty?
But is the American system crippled beyond repair, even for a revolutionary restart? The Last Revolution could start better in many places, but the US will soon destroy it. So the American case is perhaps the only starting point. The US was/is not really a democracy at all, ignored the warnings of the British it would be genocidal to the indigenous peoples, could not declare against slavery, created an endemic racist legacy, crippled Latin America and the Middle East with repeated imperialistic action, turned into a stooge of criminal Zionists, rapidly became a Wall Street oligarchy, is now controlled by covert agencies and that phantom, The Deep State, and murdered its own citizens in the 9/11 false flag operation, the inability to control gun laws and the reign of hundreds of mass murders,… The terminal brainwashing of the American Republic is a dangerous new Leviathan masquering as a republic.


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The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures….//version_5_22_22

Dated for May 22

The_Last_Revolution_Postcapitalist_ Futures_version_5_22_22

Models of economy beyond capitalism were beyond the capacity of the older left/marxists but the task is not so hard if you can get beyond the confusions amid clarifications of Marx et al. This version also gets around to discussing something mentioned was back: the lower indifference level in the DMNC model beyond the high level control system of market neo-communism: the idea is that below a certain level the higher-level control system of (socialist) markets/planning need not apply and can be, well, laissez-faire (to recycle ironically that detested term, here is a new sense. The state cannot control a whole system, and it dosesn’t need to so so to create a viable socialism.

The world of Sanders has inspired many, but his usage of the term Our Revolution to refer to socialism really meaning social democracy has done harm, he is hardly alone. And the problem is easy to correct. Stop double talk about socialism: if you use the term you mean to refer to a revolutionary transition. Sanders is a failure and it resent his posh Senate retreat zone while I remain in the limbo of capitalist pseudo-society. He was no working-class revolutionary.

We are in the last decade(s) for real change that can prevent disaster. Since the left of the last generation has accomplished almost nothing, I mean suggest a look at the text here…Failure on climate seemed inconceivable once: surely the US could respond to the crisis. But in seventy years it has done almost nothing and now the far right is making the situation even worse. We can’t wait for the off-chance of a Congress/Senate that can manage a Green New Deal.

Lots of changes in various parts of the book.

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