The eonic model makes Hegel and Marx obsolete…Marxism as training for killers in the revolution…???

Hegel however finds an echo in the eonic effect in terms of the emergence of freedom, but as an evolutionary aspect. Marx however is still historically very relevant in simply pointing to socialism/communism as future potentials, etc… A whole book could discuss this in both cases, but we need to move on now.

But Marxists fail to see the limits of their own foundations. Compared to Kantian ethical socialism Marx’s crudity is strange for such an intelligent man. But the suspected reason comes to mind: model stripped of ethics is training for killers in the revolution. Any discussion of Marxism now is haunted by its legacy of violence. Marxists seem oblivious to their own logic. There is no going back to that. The Chinese communists killed one million capitalists early (or so I read, needs a fact check).
Is that Marxism? If you say no, no one will believe. This is but one of the reasons a new start is needed. The treatment of the objects of revolution must be reconsidered very carefully.

Source: Alan Woods, Marxist philosophical confusion and the idiocy of dialectical materialism:…socialists don’t have to be marxists…Time to move on – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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