R48G: revolution, reform…?

As we used to say as kids playing cowboys/indians or mock battles, ‘We now take prisoners, beg for mercy’…That will have to pass for backslapping reformist ‘Comrades’ as salutation.

Our ‘Red Forty-eight Group’ is a leftist party group abstraction whose fundamental note so to speak reaffirms the revolutionary path but in a new way, and without as such rejecting the reformists. Like him or not Bernstein struck a dialectical chord that was unstoppable and in the end we can affirm revolutionary socialism and do nothing while the reformists busy beaver civil society’s mock socialism…so, can we evolve to socialism? as we said, ‘beg for mercy’. Continue reading “R48G: revolution, reform…?”

 Marxists are blocking socialist transition with their rigid and stale historicism

We have often been critical of marxist theories of history: the basic framework of historical materialism and the thesis of stages of production is dated now, and the critiques of socialist transformation have an easy time with the whole corpus, which is unfair because Marx, if you set aside his theories, has a huge corpus of relevant material.
It is very unlikely that the public will ever accept a marxist ideology as a foundation for postcapitalism. The whole subject needs to start over, and soon, time is short. As general background the legacy is useful, but the nature of history would be better addressed without scientism as an empirical subject.

Confronting the riddle of world history January 13th, 2018 • After all the debate and discussion from the left the stark reality remains that Marxist views of history suffer from a flawed foundatio…

Source: Eonic Effects: World history: a complex enigma – Darwiniana

Upgrading marxism for the coming crisis

We have been critical of marxism, but only of its inability to deprogram its own historical legacy of cliches and tired propaganda.
The field needs an upgrade and is very unlikely to produce any kind of revolutionary action despite its rhetoric. That said, marxists carry a lot of important ideas mixed with confusion and have consistently exposed many of the confusions of reformism…

Neo-marxism?…//Goodbye Revolution?
April 15, 2019
We have tried to examine both reformist and revolutionary aspects of our thinking here but the problems with the revolutionary option seem too great for any such outcome. However sooner or later the coming crisis may change that picture. The obvious problem is that revolution is essential in principle but nearly impossible in practice. Continue reading “Upgrading marxism for the coming crisis”

 Bolshevism…the Berlin wall

We critiqued this site before: celebrating the russian revolution is an ambiguous gesture, a point lost on most marxists. This week has also seen an anniversary for the fall of the berlin wall: the whole bolshevik episode came full circle.
Certainly the history is important but in the final analysis celebrating bolshevism is a mistake and those the left wishes to communicate will be turned off.
We need a new left and a new version of social transformtion, beyond marxism/leninism whose effect is ‘reverse advertising’ and mass avoidance of socialist appeals.

Source: The Russian Revolution: The Meaning of October