Chinese Communist Party and fraternal political parties meet – Communist Party USA

Democracy may not belong to the United States, but it certainly doesn’t belong to the CCP or China and the almost unbelievably brain dead take on ‘democracy’ in this demented muddle is alarming for its degree of proof that communist parties take intelligent people and leave them, well, … brain dead. Of all the retarded politicians on the planet (in a list that includes not a few American presidents) JI has to close to the top of the list.
Democracy is a shared value of humanity. It does not belong to the United States, or to the capitalist world, alone. This was the theme of the Meeting of the Chinese Communist Party and Marxist Political Parties from Europe, North American, and Oceania held on December 15, 2021.
As noted before the classic critique by Marxists of capitalism-dominated ‘bourgeois democracies’ turns here into a kind of superfallacy of some kind of new and revised ‘democracy’ controlled by totalitarian bureaucrats. It is unnerving when a people as intelligent as the Chinese get lobotomized by Marxism/Leninism/Stalinism/CCP dementia. This is pure Orwellian double think in a remarkable specimen of such.
The Chinese preoccupation with their 5000 year tradition in reality shows the problem: to endure so long in one format is an inexorable path to a closed and narrow consciousness. In the same time period occidental culture zones have remorphed themselves dozens of times in a constant remix.
And the legacy of the monotheistic religions has produced a more integrative mixture of peoples. Look at the cultural diversity and integration of the US, whatever the limits of its corrupted democracy, and compare that with the total strike out of the CCP on the case of the Uighurs. The most alarming thing is that the issue of the Uighurs is to totally misunderstood by the Chinese CCP elites.
The hard reality is that Chinese cultural history has produced a strange Leviathan of ethnocentric blindness. China needs to break itself into pieces, integrate a new culture of multiple ethnic histories, abandon its ingenious, classic, but archaic writing system, and most of all exit its fake communism as a relic of stalinism. Unless the Chinese can create a multiethnic culture, and on their mainland, they remain under suspicion, as with also Tibet, of colonialist cultural imperialism.

The issue of democracy is becoming tragic: in the midst of a global crisis of democracy the Chinse CP can recommend nothing more than this idiocy of the regressive, retarded, fascist and quite creepy morons of the JI type.

We have said it many times here: the legacy of Marxism is dead and the left needs to start over with a new take on socialism.

Source: Chinese Communist Party and fraternal political parties meet – Communist Party USA

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