Awareness of the 9/11 conspiracy will likely cause collapse of the american system, small wonder the propaganda is so strong…
JFK to 911: fifty years of deep state

We keep reiterating the 9/11 theme because the suppression of the facts has created a false consciousness in the public as the powers of mind control by the State have become almost total. Sadly, even the left is confused here, thanks to the suspicious action of people like Chomsky and others. Counterpunch has as much as admitted to the facts, indirectly, but persists in its mendacious cover-up. Chomsky here is a strange fish, and we must suspect he is not the person we thought he was.

At a time of crisis, and as the Afghan fiasco makes the more clear, the US is in a terminal crisis mode. The left needs to wake up and stop being a party to this, as the system clearly starts into a fascist mode to forestall the coming massive disillusion.

In a way, the timing is spooky. As Greta Thunberg notes in a revolutionary sentiment (see previous post), the current system doesn’t compute. period. We are dead or we revolt. The final nail in the coffin for Yankee Doodle, Inc. is realization the US (and probably Israel) conceived a false flag op of monumental proportions, and murdered 3000 of their own citizens in the process.

But then that degree of control suggests the deeper motive is to create a fascist outcome, sooner or later

We need a new left and a careful consideration of revolutionary options, next to a critique of the deficient marxist monopoly on the subject.

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