Two appearances of Noam Chomsky, in which he goes hard on the unvaccinated

Two appearances of Noam Chomsky, in which he goes hard on the unvaccinated. Take, traffic rules, he says. Suppose, he says, I don’t want to stop at red light, it infringes on my liberty. Well, he says, in this case the community can tell me, if you don’t want to stop at the traffic light, go…

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the truth comes out, on 9/11 and the JFK assassination…the chomsky regime comes to an end…//What the CIA is Hiding in the JFK Assassination Records

Many who have suffered cancel culture for decades look in bitterness at the left’s capture by stupidity on the two key controversies of the last (two) generations: the JFk assassination, and the 9/11 deception. Better late than never and it is good finally to move on but the damage done to those who dared to tell the truth about those incidents is beyond repair, as the pseudo-groupie lefts wake up from their hypnotic state, pats on the back all around on the way to the new normal. One of the mysteries connected with this is the role of Chomsky as arch-enforcer of the two official paradigms. One can only ask, who was this man, really? At exposing manufactured consent Chomsky was brilliant, but many fail to see the way he manufactured consent on two key issues, in favor of the official state lies. Why did he do that? It is very hard to consider he was actually fooled by these issues. But this started long ago in the sixties and seventies. Chomksy in fact talks like a radical but his actual public activism has been almost nil beyond his endless books which are no doubt a lucrative business. Was/is Chomsky in some way subject to the very system he tried to denounce, or should we suspect something darkly malign? I cannot say what I suspect if I can’t provide real proof, so you will have to guess my meaning. Whatever the case it is like a ‘huge relief’ to suddenly be free of all that, finally. Everyone on the left needs to reexamine the deeper conditioning to propaganda that goes unheeded even by the critics of social ideology. Meanwhile, Chomsky deserves zero respect at this point. He could have lead a powerful even revolutionary movement,but in the end he played society’s game.

Source: What the CIA is Hiding in the JFK Assassination Records – 1848+: The End(s) of History

Noam Chomsky Interview: The Path to a Livable Future 

Noam Chomsky: The initiators of the Paris Agreement intended to have a binding treaty, not voluntary agreements, but there was an impediment. It’s called the Republican Party. It was clear that the Republican Party would never accept any binding commitments. The Republican organization, which has lost any pretense of being a normal political party, is almost solely dedicated to the welfare of the super-rich and the corporate sector, and cares absolutely nothing about the population or the future of the world. The Republican organization would never have accepted a treaty. In response, the organizers reduced their goal to a voluntary agreement, which has all the difficulties that you mentioned.We’ve lost six years,

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A remarkable change on the left: the truth about 9/11 gets a hearing…//Lies About How the Attack on Afghanistan Started –

This is one of the first articles in the mainstream progressive left to consider the false flag operation by the US behind 9/11, at Counterpunch which has one other dissenter: Paul Craig Roberts several years ago. I think the interpretation here is still slightly off: I am not sure but I think that the 9/11 operation was really a US/covert agency/Mossad operation all along and that the Saudis were set up patsies. But this breakthrough article should be a wake-up call for the rest of the left. The exact history of the confusion over 9/11 is confused but Mossad has been charged with a hidden hand in the creation of the Truther movement and figures like Chomsky (and Cockburn at CP) have most strangely been part of the disinfo campaign. Chomsky is hard to understand here. An investigative journalist of his caliber has to be aware of the facts of the case which takes about an hour of Internet research if you can get past the first page in the rigged Google search. So Chomsky’s apparent deception here is baffling.
And it is a disgrace that lists like Marxmail still to this day can’t even discuss the issues online.
That said, it is easy to see that the US was involved but getting the real facts right is hard and still ongoing.

What is the truth about the 9/11 attacks on New York?According to the testimony given by CIA insider Susan Lindauer, the CIA knew about the planned attacks on the World Trade Center as early as April, 2001. According to Lindauer, it was realized that airplanes striking the buildings would not cause their collapse, and so the disaster was deliberately made worse than it otherwise would have been by US government agents who planted explosives.Other evidence supports Lindauer’s testimony. Numerous people in New York saved samples of the dust produced by the collapse of the WTC buildings, and chemical analysis of the dust showed the presence of nanothermite, a powerful heat-producing compound which seems to have been used to melt the steel framework of the strongly constructed skyscrapers. Videos of the collapse of the buildings, especially Building 7, show them falling freely, in the manner of controlled demolition. The videos also show molten steel pouring out of the buildings. Furthermore, pools of recently-melted steel were found in the ruins, before these were sealed off from the public. An ordinary fire does not produce temperatures high enough to melt steel. New York Fire Department workers reported hearing numerous explosions in the WTC buildings before they collapsed.

Source: Lies About How the Attack on Afghanistan Started –

Chomsky’s mendacity on the 9/11 conspiracy has confused an entire generation and is complicit with the false flagging of the war on terror. Our great American leftist is a fraud

Chomsky has known all along that 9/11 was a hidden conspiracy so why did he provide cover for US propaganda?

The 9/11 anniversary this week marks 20 years of slaughter and destruction wreaked by the U.S. across the globe.

Source: Noam Chomsky: The US-Led “War on Terror” Has Devastated Much of the World

Awareness of the 9/11 conspiracy will likely cause collapse of the american system, small wonder the propaganda is so strong…
JFK to 911: fifty years of deep state

We keep reiterating the 9/11 theme because the suppression of the facts has created a false consciousness in the public as the powers of mind control by the State have become almost total. Sadly, even the left is confused here, thanks to the suspicious action of people like Chomsky and others. Counterpunch has as much as admitted to the facts, indirectly, but persists in its mendacious cover-up. Chomsky here is a strange fish, and we must suspect he is not the person we thought he was.

At a time of crisis, and as the Afghan fiasco makes the more clear, the US is in a terminal crisis mode. The left needs to wake up and stop being a party to this, as the system clearly starts into a fascist mode to forestall the coming massive disillusion.

In a way, the timing is spooky. As Greta Thunberg notes in a revolutionary sentiment (see previous post), the current system doesn’t compute. period. We are dead or we revolt. The final nail in the coffin for Yankee Doodle, Inc. is realization the US (and probably Israel) conceived a false flag op of monumental proportions, and murdered 3000 of their own citizens in the process.

But then that degree of control suggests the deeper motive is to create a fascist outcome, sooner or later

We need a new left and a careful consideration of revolutionary options, next to a critique of the deficient marxist monopoly on the subject.

Chomsky and Pollin: We Can’t Rely on Private Sector for Necessary Climate Action

The new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) climate assessment report, released on August 9, has finally stated in the most absolute terms that anthropogenic emissions are the cause behind global warming, and that we have no time left in the effort to keep temperature from crossing the 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold. If we fail to take immediate action, we can easily exceed 2 degrees Celsius by the middle of the century.

Source: Chomsky and Pollin: We Can’t Rely on Private Sector for Necessary Climate Action