The damage done by Chomsky…//9-11 by Noam Chomsky

The issue of 9/11 is controversial to be sure, but the evidence has steadily mounted pointing to a US (and Israeli?) covert false flag operation to put in the motion the war on terror. The issue in a mystery has eluded the left, in part no doubt because of Chomsky and this junky book, written in haste perhaps and without the insight that often characterizes Chomsky’s critiques. It is one thing to have written this, quite another to have never learned or changed his story, to the great detriment by cancel culture of innumerable figures on the left who has been sidelined completely while actually studying the now considerable literature clearly pointing to the real issues (David Ray Griffin in one place to start). It is highly likely, from the various videos showing him confronted by critics,that Chomsky no longer agrees with himself yet cannot for some reason changed his story. It is a destructive process for many who detest the hypocrisy and shallow left guised in high rhetoric that gives Chomsky the odd reputation of being some kind of radical or socialist. Again it is a strange puzzle, compounded by one and the same kind of confusion over the JFK assassination, and one that fairly well neutralizes his vaunted reputation for looking radical when he is in reality someone else.

Source: 9-11 by Noam Chomsky: 9781609803438 | Books

 The left’s idiocy on the 9/11 question

The general disgrace of the broad left on the issue of 9/11 persists to this day and we can see how the false flag op by the US to foment/justify the war on terror has infected even Democrats in Congress, what to say of the dupes in the Marxist movements. Even an elementary amount of study in the facts known the question would that the left has been turned into a laughingstock, and that this issue is not so funny…

The Squad and other progressives voted this week to ramp up the “war on terror” here at home. Right now, they might find it politically convenient to prop up draconian national security measures — but at some point, they’re going to have to take a stand.

Source: Progressives Need to Resist the Domestic “War on Terror”

Watch 9/11 – The Myth and The Reality | Prime Video

It is very odd and disturbing that so many years after 9/11 the public is still confused/brainwashed about the issue of 9/11,  dismissing all dissent as ‘conspiracy theory’. In reality, even those with no real brief on the issue confront the evidence, now well in the public domain, which suggests overwhelmingly that the whole incident was a classic false flag operation. There is no other honest evaluation of the facts of the case. For years David Ray Griffin has patiently presented the evidence  despite its complexities which makes it obvious that the official account doesn’t add up. Those who perpetrated this criminal stroke were careless in the midst of remarkable planning, and many things stick out, e.g. the melting point of steel, the history of skyscrapers, etc…The issue has festered too long and even on the left the confusion persists. How is it that the Marxists cannot see through the gross deception of their own government clearly disposed to murder thousands of its own citizens For Marxists to be fooled here is especially unnerving, and destroys their credibilityu. Sadly, a wall of cancel culture has been raised around the issue enforced by figures like Chomsky, so cogent on issues of the US government, and whose inability to see through the deception here is a baffling puzzle, leaving one suspicious that there is a hidden agenda here. For some reason those who are experts at exposing high level deceptions can’t see their way to the obvious in fairly plain sight on the truly horrific deception here. It is dangerous to have been fooled here and the CIA must be laughing still at the way the public could be fooled. Those who could evaluate the data objectivity are bitter at years of abuse from half-assed leftist, marxists, et alt, in the brainwashed peanut gallery of so-called leftists.

It is a dangerous situation because the public mind has been turned into a passive instrument of the power structures that lurk behind the public communication media. They have learned how to manipulate the facts to the point of bamboozling even the critics of ideology. It is dangerous situation in which we are not safe.
One issue perhaps is the way alternate interpretations surround the core evidence: one example is the connection Israel/Mossad according to several 9/11 students, and this controversial aspect causes many to simply stay away from the whole subject fearful of Zionist-style charges of antisemitism. The involvement of Mossad in the 9/11 caper has many books, but the basis issue stands alone in  terms of the US. . Whatever the case there, the overall pattern of data exposing the false flag operation is overwhelming and clearly indicts the surface hypocrisy and criminal cover up in the US government.
One problem is that people just don’t read books and never connect with the critics of the subject, confined to the monumental distortions of all parties in media commuication.

Muslims and the War on Terror: Two-Plus Decades of ‘Othering’ | Portside

The phrase “War on Terror” invokes many different feelings and images depending upon one’s position in America and the world. While many understand it merely as a descriptor for a new frontier in American foreign policy and war, for others it has meant a new set of violent interventions and disturbances to their way of life. Last year’s somber reflections on the 20 years since 9/11 rarely engaged fully with the complexity and scope of the actions set in motion by American incursions into Afghanistan, Iraq, and multiple other countries in the years to follow.

Source: Muslims and the War on Terror: Two-Plus Decades of ‘Othering’ | Portside

Over fifty years of social exile…/JFK Revisited: Oliver Stone and the New JFK Fact Pattern  

A fascinating article on the JFK assassination, even if it seemingly appears too meek/cautious on an issue that has so influenced the lives of so many, for the worse.
A kind of bitterness haunts many who spent almost an entire life ostracized for skeptical thinking about the JFK assassination and 9/11.
I can no longer remember when I first became skeptical of the official account on the JFK assassination, perhaps in the seventies (but I may have read Lane’s work early on, and I remember watching Oswald’s murder live on TV), but for many, such as Mark Lane, the first author on the subject to question the overall account, there was a problem visible to him within hours of the incident in Dallas. His classic Rush To Judgment came out in 1966, yet here we are over fifty years later still rehashing the lone gunmen/magic bullet legacy.
With 9/11 a similar situation is in effect and the ostracism equally severe. And that includes on the left where the reign of Chomsky persists.
CP is to be commended for discussing the JFK history here, but the left in general still harbors the illusions about JFK and 9/11 which persist and are de facto enforced by conformity culture, left middle right. The regime has coopted almost all social opportunities for many who could never learn the basic lesson, to get ahead, lie. The same situation is the case with Darwinism.
One loses allegiance, to say the least, to a culture so deeply conditioned, brainwashed. It is one thing to see the problems with the official accounts, but still very hard to sort out the different interpretations, and arrive at sound conclusions. A good example is the recent ‘conspiracy theory’ about the place of Mossad in the JFK (and 9/11): cf. Amazon: Final Judgement, by Piper. Here we go again, ‘no no that’s crazy…etc… ‘. The point is one can see the basic problem but remain unable to resolve alternate theories. One has to wonder what percentage of the public is simply hypocritical on these issues.

Since the 1990s, we have learned, among other things, about Operation Northwoods, a top-secret Pentagon plan—a policy conspiracy, if you will– to provoke a war with Cuba in 1963 via violent deceptive operations on U.S. soil. We have learned the surprising extent of the CIA’s pre-assassination surveillance of accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. We have learned about Agency propaganda operations involving Oswald before and after Kennedy was killed. We have learned about possible tampering with the photographic record of Kennedy’s autopsy, and we have learned about the CIA’s obstruction of Congress’s JFK investigation in the late 1970s.

Source: JFK Revisited: Oliver Stone and the New JFK Fact Pattern –

Juan Cole on his new Book “Peace Movements in Islam” (Simon Mabon’s Podcast)

At a time of Islamophobic cultural animosities and the criminal and genocidal imperialism of the US, a defense of Islamic culture is in order but unfortunately Cole tends to distort the record of history in an excess of apologetics of Islamic history. One might well react strongly against figures such as Spenser in their endless diatribes against Islam, but the history of jihad can’t unfortunately be resolved in a cover up.
Puzzled by this stance I examined Cole’s own biographical remarks: his vaulting enthusiasm for sufis. I have moved in circles of sufism and found there a dark side range of ambiguous characters (The crypto-sufi Gurdjieff is an example) in a strange mafia of mystic ruffians (behind an immense and benign set of sufi front organizations confounded in their Islamic piety. Real sufis are not pious muslisms, but to say so is a lost cause. In any case, say no more, we see where Cole is coming from: he has become bewitched into becoming a drone mouthpiece for Islamic apologetics. Sufis are tricky people. Best to watch your step.
Better to have said nothing, but it you promote to excess the Islamic propaganda of peace given the sordid history of Islamic jihad, plunder and religious imperialism, the gesture will backfire and highlight the different sets of facts. And the Spenser’s are ready with the alt-text. Google Jihad at Amazon and consider the immmense literature here pledge to arrive at the facts beyond the superficial and one-sided view of Cole, a leftist no less. I think the left should debrief Islmophobia, but it is not Islamophobia to expose the real facts of Islamic history.
I invite Cole if he wishes to do service against distortions against Moslems to review the real facts of 9/11 and the monumental cruelty of the false flag propaganda against them in that false flag op staged by the US and Israel, and not mouth off as do most cowardly leftists who have joined the cover up of the complex genocide against the Islamic world. That terrible legacy is not however justification for a cover up of the facts of the case of Islamic imperialist persecution by the US.

Many thanks to Simon Mabon, Professor of International Politics at Lancaster University and prominent Middle East specialist, for hosting me …

Source: Juan Cole on his new Book “Peace Movements in Islam” (Simon Mabon’s Podcast)