The Saudis aren’t the culptrits…the US…?//By Letting Saudi Arabia Off the Hook Over 9/11, the US Encouraged Violent Jihadism 

The study of 9/11 has always been subject to hopeless confusion such as this since in fact the Saudi’s had very little to do with the false flag op staged by US and Israel…It is remarkable the Saudi never blew the whistle on the US, no doubt our of fear…

The evidence has always been strong that at various points the hijackers, who flew the planes into the twin towers and the Pentagon, had interacted with Saudi state employees, though how much the latter knew about the plot has never been clarified. What is impressive is the determination with which the US security services have tried to conceal or play down intelligence linking Saudi officials to 9/11, something which may be motivated by their own culpability in giving Saudis a free pass when suspicions about the hijackers were aroused prior to 9/11.

Source: By Letting Saudi Arabia Off the Hook Over 9/11, the US Encouraged Violent Jihadism – The New Pearl Harbor Revisited: 9/11, the Cover-Up, and the Exposé eBook : Griffin, David Ray: Kindle Store

update: moving this to the top since it is a good starting point. We have links to some of the best studies of 9/11.

Most people are unable to grasp the 9/11 reality because the mass media can offer absolutely no help. One false move and media figures will lose their careers.
The printed (or Kindle) literature is indispensable. Although just a bit dated now the works of David Ray Griffin are indispensable as a resource starting point for figuring out a path through the lies.

chomsky’s brazen lies about 9/11…// 9-11: Was There an Alternative? (Open Media Book) eBook : Chomsky, Noam: Kindle Store

The key to the 9/11 cover-up exudes from this completely suspicious book, and it remains a puzzle to this day despite the seemingly brazen embrace of the ‘Big Lie’. What was Chomsky about in this? I fear this book destroyed his credibility forever. You have to wonder if Chomsky realized the role of Israeli Mossad in the operation and for some reason embraced the propaganda.