Sounds like ‘revolution’…?/Climate Movement Says ‘Apocalyptic’ IPCC Report Signals ‘Moment to Rise Up’ 

To ‘rise up’ means to revolt, but the current left is so anemic that the jargon is barely possible, let alone rising up. The marxist left is paralyzed, and the rest is stuck in a gandhian fantasy of non-violent change.
Let’s repeat, to rise up is a statement about ‘revolution’ but the idea has been so botched that it is stuck forever at the level of the whisper.

Ironically, the Alt-Right has seized the idea of insurrection with tragi-comic results.
On the left, it is barely possible to even stage a protest march, pathetic…

“This is the moment to rise up, be bold, and think big,” Kosonen added. “We all need to accelerate the green transition while ensuring justice and protection for local communities and people paying the highest cost for climate inaction.”

Source: Climate Movement Says ‘Apocalyptic’ IPCC Report Signals ‘Moment to Rise Up’ | Common Dreams News

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