Theory: crash and burn, left, right

At a time of confusion over the issue of capitalism, it is important not to left the Marxist corpus of theory vitiated a new start. We have been critical of Marx’s theory for the simple reason that the things he got right need protection from the useless wrapper of theory that rightists gleefully refute.
But the left may as well start from scratch and stay away from theory or the creation of pseudo-science.
The capitalist domain of theory in economics is close ot outlandish in its theory aspect, yet marxists can rarely critique that because they must defend their own theories. Take a look at a supply and demand curve: applied empirically within the obvious limits of any given situation, it makes sense and makes a good living for economists. But the attempt to create a master theroy of that shows the collosal folly of marginalist economic idiocy.

We have been critical of Marx and Marxism here in many posts, but this is misleading because this critique is from the left. Any socialist (communist) who really wishes to create social transformation…

Source: Archive of critical ‘marxism’: the need for a new platform – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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