Archive of critical ‘marxism’: the need for a new platform
We have been critical of Marx and Marxism here in many posts, but this is misleading because this critique
is from the left. Any socialist (communist) who really wishes to create social transformation has to examine very carefu8lly the
legacy of the left. Because of the failure of Bolshevism the whole canon of marxism has become problematical. It is not enough
for a few converts to preach Marx cliches ad infinitum. The left needs what it had in the early Second International: an enthusiastic
and exploding base of people who wished to move beyond capitalist domination. Now those who feel that way very often wish to bypass marxism.
The purpose then of this ‘critical marxism’ is to recast the subject in search of a viable path forward.

We have been critical of Marx and marxism but we can remain with that to a large degree by displacing the legacy to an historical introduction
and recasting the subject in a form that doesn’t go down with the Marxist ship.
Turn Marx/Engels into a core heroic saga, dispense with the useless theory morass of historical materialism, explore a broader view of history,
disown d the past and cease the useless apologetics.
The left needs to drop the term ‘marxism’ and provide a fresh platform. Ironically, his theories apart much of what Marx said is still useful, e.g.
his observations about class and politics. But the moment you start preaching marxist theory you alienate everyone and confront over a century of critiques
of marxism which you can’t dismiss as class ideology.
Most of all the left needs a program for a practical future, one that is socialist, democratic, economically sane, with economic and legal rights, and
a view of society that is freed of the now-dated theories of Marx.
The many posts here are therefore from the left or even left of the left. The current left is ‘conservative’ in its own sense: it wants to conserve the sacred doctrine of Marx and then just wait for the next epoch of production to materialize. It won’t work that way.

The left has a few chances left but they must spring from a new vision. The many posts on this cited have a lot of useful leads…

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