A new view of left history


The left needs a new view of history, but first it needs to escape from darwinism which is now an obsolete paradigm and a source of social darwinist ideology.

That’s a good test of the left: if it can’t debrief darwinism it is hard to take seriously.

Our WHEE is one source of a new approach to world history: it allows a complicated and/or a simple approach: the simple approach can be used as an outline with a set of hypotheses or proposals about the strange dynamic discovered. The complicated version creates a model, but not a theory, of history and evolution.

Marx’s idea of stages of production in a series of epochs doesn’t work and needs to be dropped. And that can help to stop hallucinating the coming of communism: we must create such a thing as free agents…We will list some of the books referenced in the article linked to above…

you can field the books in question from these archives…


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