seriously…?Workers’ democracy in the Russian Revolution 

This account is not convincing and while we must grant the confusion created by the Civil War the fact is that the bolsheviks were not prepared for the opportunity they had and the usual paean to the great russian revolution rings hollow at this point.

We must ruthlessly critique both marxism and bolshevism and then move on. Trying to convince the public that the russian revolution was really democratic or a victory for workers makes nonsense of the facts and simply perpetuates the detestation of marxism/leninism by a majority, including the working class.

The Russian Revolution is the greatest event in human history, because for the first time the working class not only led a revolution, but took power directly into their own hands and proceeded to transform society. The act is slandered as undemocratic, when in reality it involved the most far-reaching and revolutionary democracy the world has ever seen. In this two-part article, Daniel Morley explains how this worked in practice.

Source: Workers’ democracy in the Russian Revolution – part two

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