With the end of Roe, the US edges closer and closer to civil war | Stephen Marche 

The idea of The Last Revolution can be useful here. The fight for democracy is real yet misleading: the US is not a democracy but a capitalist oligarchy: the left should be countering the right with the project of real democracy, with a socialist failsafe.

The question is no longer whether there will be a civil conflict in America. The question is how the sides will divide, and who will prevail

Source: With the end of Roe, the US edges closer and closer to civil war | Stephen Marche | The Guardian

Russia’s Success in Syria’s Civil War Doesn’t Mean Much for Its Chances in Vast, United Ukraine 

In Ukraine so far, Russia does not appear to have succeeded in mobilising local support outside the Donbas self-declared republics of Donetsk and Luhansk where fighting is expected to escalate in the near future. But one parallel between Syria and Ukraine which works all too well is that modern urban warfare everywhere inevitably involves heavy civilian casualties, and this is true regardless of who is doing the attacking.

Source: Russia’s Success in Syria’s Civil War Doesn’t Mean Much for Its Chances in Vast, United Ukraine – CounterPunch.org

Sentimental and genocidal nonsense about nonviolence…//The Deep Connections Between Democracy and Nonviolence  

The proponents of nonviolence live in an imaginary world whose implications in the end will prove more violent and kill millions where a fight against the powers of current states  moving toward catastrophe might save millions of lives.
The power of nonviolence was a remarkable tactic in the hands of MLK but it was limited in scope and we see King before his violent assassination starting to confront the larger field of social injustice, state criminality, imperialism, and capitalist penetration.  He could see the limits of his tactics. And the grim fate of King tokens the fate of the nonviolent activists should they begin to threaten the status quo. And King’s activism saw the intervention of army troops, and in the end was unable to really resolve the issue of racism. And a generation of nonviolent inaction on the left has produced nothing in the way of real change and paralyzed the attempts to deal with climate catastrophe. Nonviolence simply emboldens those who know they can simply ignore those who adopt nonviolent tactics and the complete indifference of capitalist entities here in clear knowledge of the dangers that have brought a whole society to the brink. It is clear that without a true response the force of capitalism will destroy a planet and the Gandhian saints indirectly induce genocide. The history of democracy is NOT a tale of nonviolence, starting with the brave stand of the Greeks/Athenians against the Persians. The American democratic revolution was a violent war against an imperial power that succeeded against all odds. And the Civil War clearly shows that nonviolence could never have abolished slavery.
In the final analysis American democracy is no such thing as its oligarchic aspect reigns in the name of ‘democracy’ as a facade. The path to real democracy demands a new definition as ‘democracy’ freed of capitalist fascism and domination. The better name is ‘democratic socialism’ and a path to dealing with the de facto rogue state defined by capital.
We should note that Gandhi is a misleading figure: his labors did little or nothing to produce independence in India, and it was observed by the neo-buddhist figure Rajneesh that a regiment of men with rifles could have freed India in the 1920’s. As if Ukraine were any model for nonviolence!
We need to face the crisis on its way without sentimental pseudo-ethics of the brand of nonviolence fake sanctities.

In recent weeks, leaders and commentators here and abroad have rightly framed Russia’s brutal aggression against Ukraine as a struggle between autocracy

Source: The Deep Connections Between Democracy and Nonviolence – CounterPunch.org