our political concepts are still primitive and very dated…//Avoiding Authoritarian Socialism

Two Manifestos

We have tried to address the issues in this essay with a model of ecological ‘democratic market neo-communism, a tool to examine a range of potential solutions in tandem.

This set of variants requires a solution to the ecological question in the context of redefining democracy, really figuring out economics where the older left could not, and creating a neo-communism based on a Commons, not state capitalism.
The transition via expropriation of capital is critical, and yet seemingly impossible. One clue can be the idea of a Commons which defines shared resources on the basis of legal and constitutional frameworks, not via bureaucratic state capitalism.
The model posits that in the context of a Commons ‘markets’ might just as well survive in a new form and in parallel with efforts at planning.
The point here is governmental structures are in many ways far too primitive: we are stuck with a flawed ‘democracy’ from the eighteenth century that was in some ways betrayed from the start and which somehow stumbled into democracy after the fact…
Far more sophisticated systems are possible (our model generates dozens) and  are failsafed in advance against the monstrosities of bolshevism.
We have started with a critique of marxism and its theories, and proceeded to consider the complexities of democracy and presidential authority, of markets based on licensed resources, and planning (along with a third low level sector). Even this simple a gesture is light years beyond the gross abstractions in a void that have been the curse of the marxist (and liberal) legacy which fatally omitted to define what it was talking about with terms like ‘communism’. The focus would seem revolutionary in scope but there is not inherent reason an evolutionary path to ‘ecological DMNC’ couldn’t be achieved. The value of this approach is that it would be popular in its reasoned balance of multiple sectors and potentials and not generate the horrific all or nothing collapse of liberalism into a void called ‘communism’. We can remorph liberalism into communism and the result would look familiar yet have a vast potential for transformation in place.

Source: Avoiding Authoritarian Socialism

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