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Perhaps the DSA’s problem is the long shadow of Marxism even as it has moved beyond the Marx legacy which created a kind of monopoly of the socialist idea. Might one recommend The Last Revolution, free pdf link above, as a toolbox for creating a new socialist framework with a clean break with the Marx canon, save as a historical moment tokened by the great Manifesto in 1848? And/or simply use the whole formulation ready-made as a platform, one that is aimed at a revolutionary perspective but at the same time usable for a reformist group.
This material is comprehensive, yet limited (it creates a container for brands of eco-socialism): it provides
a new and robust and unsinkable view of world history based not on theory but on empirical chronologies
a road to sanity on the economic question, comprising both socialist markets and the new technologies of planning: a four term system to replace the single logo ‘socialism’ or ‘communism’: democratic market neo-communism’, a modeling tool for socialist versions (I don’t distinguish socialism and communism, replace ‘communism’ with neo-communism, and use ‘socialism’ as a general reference to socialism old or new…)
and much else.

However a few problems will arise here:
You must cease being a Darwin dummy and assess the great underground secret of Darwin’s idiotic theory of natural selection so beloved of capitalists. This can also be rendered unsinkable via an empirical outline of the facts of evolution, a grand theory remaining in the future. This can assist in the debriefing of the social Darwinism of Darwin et al.

You should most probably (I didn’t quite say ‘must’) review the evidence for the 9/11 false flag crimes perpetrated by some faction of the US government. Same for JFK assassination, etc…You can’t call yourself a leftist if you are confused by the propaganda. Although exact answers are murky the basic issue is clear and is one of the darkest aspects…

You cannot call yourself a leftist (in the US) if you are still brainwashed on the above. Sorry, but it’s true.

The right (cf. the websites Uncommon Descent and/or Evolution News) has eaten the left’s lunch on the question of evolution, producing a vast amount of useful material on evolution, almost all of it marred by the Intelligent Design argument. That argument is entirely unnecessary and the material is often usable once extracted from its theistic confusions.

The point here is that this research should have been done on the left in a challenge to capitalist ideological misuse of Darwinian theory..

The issue of evolution is utterly simple: the statistics of natural selection don’t work. Period The empirical evidence is very robust.

The issue of 9/11 is reminder of the criminals hiding behind democratic fronts. Thie left is a laughingstock on this issue.

The evolution debate can easily adopt its own design arguments on the left: design in nature is a naturalistic process without theistic implications.

The issues of socialism versus social democracy lurk and the question of how to create a real socialism remain, but the moment is coming for a new reckoning.

Source: Democracy, Strategy, Modes of Struggle: The High-Stakes Strife in DSA – Convergence

china stumbled into a limited version of our DMNC model…//China Between Communism and Capitalism | The Nation

The Chinese model persisted where Russian bolshevism failed because it stumbled into our DMNC universe where the place of ‘markets’ in a communist system, which had never been properly analyzed in classic Marxism, was taken in a different way. Unfortunately, the result is a corrupted hybrid that embedded capitalism inside a fake communism with no democratic potential. But the Chinese saw that the capitalist market nexus was not the same as the more general issue of markets. China is really a neoliberal ‘ communist’ fake inside the capitalist world system. But they saw or allowed themselves to act in seeming contradiction to the classic and misleading legacy.
In our DMNC model we can allow ‘socialist markets’ inside a larger system of a Commons of expropriated capitals. These markets are not however capitalist invasions of global capital but entities connected to a Commons: there is thus a completely ignored middle terra incognita where a nexus of markets operating inside a system of (neo-) communist macroeconomy (and planning as a parallel universe. Such a system can stop in its tracks the virtually neo-colonialist entanglement of the Chinese version with global capital.

The history of the country’s relationship with the market is filled with conflicting narratives.

Source: China Between Communism and Capitalism | The Nation

We Can Only Go Beyond Communism …//[Yankee bourgeois democracy/capitalocracy] by Coming to Terms With Its History

We have addressed all this directly with a demand to start over on a new left, a break with its history, which is not the same as ignoring that history, and starting with a larger and looser framework of history/evolution, and a construction of explicit socialist political and economic systems, starting by ‘going beyond communism’ with a new term: neo-communism in the block four term plus term: democratic market neo-communism. This approach tries to deal with the calculation debate, allow socialist markets based on a Commons, and a fundamental inheritance of issues: expropriation of capital into a Commons, which is not the same as state capitalism. This system demands democracy but will inherit a revolutionary cadre that must have a failsafed protocol to yield power to a new government, something only the American Revolution ever achieved, however illusory the reality and later catastrophic failure in the neoliberal era.
This system is very different from the classic versions that all end in Stalinism, but it needs a failsafed transition sequence that can survive its own revolutions, and at worst a civil war. The left must study what the American Revolution alone achieved: a starting point: a middle interval: and a constitutional start, after an anti-imperial war. That is a real achievement even if the task demanded was allowed an oversimplification: the ‘laissez-faire’ of ‘democracy’ and a large continental space about which no discipline was asked. This process made life easy for itself and could acheive a transition to a new system because it was a simple tinkertoy. We must face its actual long delayed failure as surely as that of the French Revolution., not forgetting its historic struggle with slavery. The American system ended in genocide of indigenous peoples, and then the slow but steady erosion created by capitalism, and then the catastrophe of covert agencies, commercial militarism, and the hidden drug trade and general criminalization of the whole government apparatus: an easy early success and final catastrophic failure.
Cf. our The Last Revolution
Thirty years ago today, the Soviet Union collapsed. Twentieth-century communism should be understood in all its complexity, as revolution and regime, a spur to anti-colonialism and an alternative form of social democracy.

Source: We Can Only Go Beyond Communism by Coming to Terms With Its History

Dialogue of the Deaf: Debating Ted Koppel on Communism 

It seemed at the time that communism had failed but that moment opened up an opportunity for leftists who had always been angry at the betrayal of a great potential and hope in the Bolshevik era. But it also warned that a new brand was essential and that the cognitive dissonance of leftist terminology could not refer to the Leninist era and to the future at the same time. The ‘end of history’ was soon to be nothing of the kind.
So, drop all old terminology and start over, from ‘communism’ to neo-communism, and to terminology failsafed now, as in ‘democratic market neo-communism’, where a four or more fold process can reopen the debate and struggle for a postcapitalist future.

Source: Dialogue of the Deaf: Debating Ted Koppel on Communism – CounterPunch.org

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Verso: a shot over the bows….

I sent a link to Verso re: The Last Revolution as a possible submission. See below.

A complete waste of time. They won’t even answer. Verso has hundreds of books on Marxism, historical materialism by professional academics and the left elite, which are obsolete.

I doubt very seriously that a Marxist social transformation (read revolution) could be possible at this point. The left MUST start over beyond Marxism.

The idea/model of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ shows a better way to construct a postcapitalist system.
I write to revolutionary or reformist publics. The result is better quality books, almost, than what these big orgs can do:
it took three to five months to produce the illustration for DMR and LFM. The big publishers could never make a profit
with such labor-intensive books.

Descent of Man Revisited has thousands of downloads and people like its postdarwinism, and the many images.
The Last Revolution is already starting to create a mini-audience even in draft form.
Since Marxists wouldn’t dare read it (I have already been re-unsubbed from marxmail for suggesting historical materialism is obsolete)
I may just cap it with a quick completion and move on.
Marx’s theories of history are strangely fallacious for such a smart man.
His other work on class and ideology remain relevant.
But even there the issue of working-class focus, although the one thing Marx got right, is itself going nowhere except overseas.
There is an easy fix here: the idea of the Universal Class,etc,…many posts here.

Work in Progress: Postcapitalist Futures: The Last Revolution
From: Nemonemini
To: verso@versobooks.com ; Nemonemini
Date: Wed, Oct 6, 2021 12:25 pm
I am sending the link to a book in progress and connected with the blog at redfortyeight.com
I am a critic of Marxism’s theories of history from the left and fear that Marxism in its current form will not generate future social transformation.

This book tries to provide a fast substitute framework Continue reading “Verso: a shot over the bows….”