Pseudo-democracy and the ‘end of history’

Pseudo-democracy and the ‘end of history’ May 27th, 2018 ·
R48G: the irony that the ‘end of history’ argument undermines the status of American pseudo-democracy: it is collapsing on the way to the real endgame
May 4th, 2017 ·

One of the great ironies of the ‘end of history’ debate is that if we take its thesis seriously the directionality of history so proclaimed by Fukuyama will move beyond the pseudo- democracy of liberal capitalism to ‘real democracy’. We see not one but two failures in this directional framework: the failure of bolshevism and now the apparent failure of the kind of fake democracy we see in the US. And the system under these terms will move inexorably to try and create a new and higher freedom as democracy. Continue reading “Pseudo-democracy and the ‘end of history’”