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The legacy of communism is complicated by a history of failure that ultimately must be assigned to the ideology (sic) of Marxism itself which confusingly sounded the clarion call for postcapitalism but then adopted a theoretical framework that in the end undermined itself in a set of contradictions including the limits of the initial founding doctrines of historical materialism and dialectical materialism. It would seem unlikely that any continuation of this legacy will realize itself without a thorough critique and a reformulation of basic principles.
Here I can offer a set of tools that can be used to rapidly jumpstart a new approach, one that is nonetheless faithful to the ‘socialist’ core conceptions before they were taken up into a Marxist monopoly.
Here the text The Last Revolution asks for a consideration of this critical review followed by a clean break with the Marxist package and a new approach to passage to postcapitalism. The construct of so-called ‘democratic market neo-communism’ shows one in a spectrum of ways to this reconstruction. This approach can speak to revolutionary and reformist thinking, along with socialist growth/degrowth economies, and a new approach to both (socialist) markets and planning.
Consider this via the blog at and the text of The Last Revolution, available free in paperback, kindle and/or free pdf versions.
For the most recent version, go to the website at
The current version is:

Source: Thinking Aloud on the “World Communist Movement” | MLToday

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