The darkness peering up the asshole…//Ukraine and The Tunnel at the End of the Light 

The Ukraine war is not comparable to the Vietnam war, and the last protest diehards of that monstrosity attempt to breathe life into a false analogy. Here, evidently we are supposed to stand back and watch Russia obliterate Ukraine in the name perhaps of a Russia/China global power grab for a new hegemony against the failed American version. In fact as China nervously senses, Russia probably has blown a hole in any such hope. A new barbarism is about the best that could be hoped, that and an already visible debt trap servitude for the Chinese beneficiaries in Africa. It is hard to think of anything worse than American hegemony, but Russia seems to have succeeded in advance. Let’s be glad at the end of the American hegemon, but let’s not endure another. China is an monolithic super-ethnocentric totalitarian mess. How could they hope to create any kind of global community using stolen innovations from the US and a sidekick buddy system with Russia. The global south resists taking sides on Ukraine, all very well. But in the end the US has landed a strange windfall: to rescue a drowning man was the basic and only option, and it has little to do with geopolitical propaganda. The war has made the US look like the good guys, and the Russiana a bunch of blockheads, sadists, and putinoid halfwits.

Source: Opinion | Ukraine and The Tunnel at the End of the Light | Common Dreams

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