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I have been a socialist for over fifty years and in all that time I have been cancelled on the Chomsky dominated fake left for issues that have been completely suppressed: Darwinian ideology, the JFK assassination, and the 9/11 false flag operation. I can’t even exchange an email with most leftists, and am banned from Marxmail. The inability of the left plus Chomsky to debrief social darwinist science, the JFK murder, and the 9/11 US/Zionist destruction of the Twin Towers and the murder of thousands of American citizens is beyond scandal, it is simply a voiding out of any pretense of leftist thinking, made the more confusing by Chomsky’s often insightful but faux-radical writings, which make him a bundle. Chomsky gave himself away long ago, that he was a critic of Darwin, but he shut up completely because he knew what might happen to his precious reputation. I have suffered for decades under this fraud long enough, I am sick of it.
Chomsky is eloquent, along with all these Z community pseudo-leftists who are really an in crowd of literary stylists andd cocktail party chatter drones who publish pious indignation pieces for the leftist journals and websites.
It is hard to understand this situation with respect to Chomsky. It takes about five minutes of research to see there was a problem with JFK and 9/ll issues, so why is Chomsky so rigid here. I can only voice my suspicions, as just that: suspicions that someone is not who he says he is. Is he in collusion with the very system he denounces? To realize the US government staged the 9/11 caper cannot be swept under the rug for a viable left. So the conclusion is that the left here is simply fake. The CIA are in trouble: they might die laughing at the ease of fooling these ‘leftist’ dupes, marshalled by Chomsky. At a time of crisis Chomsky could have created a revolutionary movement, but, gosh, he’s an anarchist: do nothing./

Marx got it right in some ways ( although I have been critical of Marxism): Middle .Class intellectuals can’t replace the working class. Thats a little unfair: the working class left is dysfunctional  and if a middle class cadre can at least carry the ball in some ways, fine. But don’t get caught in the state ideologies and propaganda machines run by the US and Israel.Chomsky has already wrecked his reputation, and he knows: his defensiveness is on record when once confronted by 9/11 researchers.
Meanwhile, being ostracized is actually an advantage: you are isolated from the creepy left.

Source: | Z Original Highlights & Staff Picks

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