Only Fools Count on Capital to Stop Late Fascism 

A year and half after the attempted physical coup that marked the end of Donald Trump’s presidency, I am still lectured by certain older white and male “leftists” on how it is childish wolf-crying to say that a fascist menace stalks the United States. The lectures hold that “the American ruling class is opposed to fascism and will not let it take hold here. This is neoliberal capitalism,” their argument runs, “and the ruling class will not permit a fascist state here in the absence of a revolutionary socialist proletariat like the ones that convinced the Italian and German bourgeoisies to line up behind Mussolini and Hitler in interwar 20th Century Europe.” In short, It Can’t Happen Here, because the ruling class doesn’t need and want it and won’t allow it.

Source: Only Fools Count on Capital to Stop Late Fascism –

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