None Dare Call It “Fascism.” Why Not?

While Republicans routinely call Democrats “Marxists,” it’s been taboo for Democrats and the American mainstream media to brand Trump and his followers “fascists.”Why is that?The F-word is widely considered over-the-top name-calling, too redolent of Hitler, and risks triggering white-right Twitter trolls or even vigilantism . . . as Democrats instead usually confine their critique of the right to more academic words like authoritarian and stick to their preference for policy over polemics.

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 Afghanistan: opium mafia behind the botched occupation?

The history of the US in Afghanistan is so grotesque that one has to wonder how anyone could think the US could create a democracy there. US generals on Cable News makes for depressing viewing indeed. The US needs to simply shut up on the question, and never be allowed to inflict their stupidity on any more state victims again.
A key question in a long list is whether the whole thing was giving cover for covert operatives and others controlling and making billions from the opium trade which revived at the start and thrived all along. One can only misjudge the level of cynicism needed here. The memory of Gary Webb and the unwitting stumbling into a mafia at work in US politics resurfaces.
This is a question, not a conclusion, but the issue of the drug trade in the core of American deep politics lurks as a monster, hopefully a monster of thought only.

The US needs to simply begone from this absolute mess they have made. The issue of democracy is especially sad. The US is not a democracy itself. So what is the model? There are none. Create an oligarchy of capitalists, plus a mafia, plus an imperialism,…
Afghanistan is likely once again to be the graveyard of an empire. Between Trump, the pandemic and Afghanistan the endgame of American democracy seems already a fair accompli: the chicken decapitation proceeds a few more steps until The End.

Despite its claims to be building democracy in Afghanistan, the US’s War on Terror pushed the country deeper into chaos. The United States should be held fully responsible for this failure by the r…

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If a Vaccine Resistant Strain of COVID Develops in Africa, Will Dr. Fauci Lose His Job? 

This is a very serious question, even if I’m using a bit of clickbait here. I’m not out to get Dr. Fauci, who deserves some sort of Nobel Prize for trying to give straight information to the public, even as Donald Trump was doing everything he could to minimize the pandemic. But there is an More

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