Crackpot or bullseye…/???//DNA Science and the Jewish Bloodline: Texe Marrs: 9781930004818: Books

This book is a confusing combination of several things and comes off at first as crackpot. In reality, it is a useful expose of the Khazarian genetics behind the Ashkenazi ‘Jewish’ culture along with an excessive yet interesting old-fashioned Christian regurgitation of the Pauline stance on the question of Jews and Judaism in his time at the dawn of Christianity, the hopeless tragedy unfolding of a botched world religion turning into a total mess. Read with caution, but the issue of the Khazarian (the medieval kingdom in the Caucasus that converted to Judaism in the medieval period, then driven into Eastern Europe, the source of ‘Yiddish’, not a Semitic language) scandal/coverup of the reality of the actual genetic legacy of mostly
‘Khazarian’ Israel and the non-existence of any real ‘Jews’ in the Abraham line (Abraham wasn’t actually Jewish????) except, brace yourself, the Palestinians.

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