provocations to revolutionary intervention…//Texas Abortion Ban: What It Means and What Happens Next : NPR

The right has gone crazy and the suspicion arises they wish to provoke revolt so that they can take over the US gov via a fascist coup.

This seems extreme but is hardly so: the whole country is falling apart and in the context of climate change, Hurricane IDA seems to foretell the US mainland becoming uninhabitable.
Please note that many conservatives would welcome a bloodbath of tens of millions of Americans: the better to hole up in their bunkers.

The left should have been ready here but is not. We have tried with some impatience to recast the left beyond the sterile marxism. Marxists just sit around and thumbtwiddle between quotes from Marx and are essentially paralyzed.

But the provocations to revolution along with the objective indications should leave the public worried about the future of the republic.
We have tried to create superfast a post-marxist corpus of materials, hope that helps. But Marxists have secretly given up and don’t do anything. The right is clearly trying to forestall with their own revolution and their contempt for law is transparent.
The abortion law (next to the governor’s hypocrisy over mask mandates) is somehow a deliberate provocation.
We have essentially lost the Supreme Court, a grim omen of a collapsing republic.

The law bans abortions as early as six weeks after conception and allows Texans to sue anyone who aids, abets or performs an abortion past that mark.

Source: Texas Abortion Ban: What It Means and What Happens Next : NPR

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