Marx, threatened with evolutionary cancel culture at its dawn, changes his story on evolution….

Remote yet connected to this issue of cancel-culture with respect to the issue of the Darwin debate and the enforcement of its current paradigm. And this spreads over into other spheres, such as the Marxist world.

WHEE has long been a victim of this ‘cancel’ culture but should have been given a fair place in the field of public discussion, universities or otherwise. The book contains a crucial key to the enigma of evolution and yet can’t be accessed in almost all libraries. It has been decred to not exist.
The enforcers are really a laughing stock, but their troopers are almost universal in academia and many other worlds.

A good joke is about Marx: he was initiatitally critical of Darwin, but he noticed the emrging cancel culture on the question and no doubt under the inlfuence of Engels changed his stance…The details are murky here, to be sure, but the dogma of darwinism is a curse on the left condemned by the cult idiots to silence on the real issues of social darwinism…

Source: At-Will Employment Is the Real “Cancel Culture”

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