David Harvey: Socialists Must Be the Champions of Freedom

Marxists are completely frustrating to deal with. Here historical materialism and socialism are as usual equated and the limits of historical materialism create confusion. Historical materialism doesn’t allow freedom Marx was very clear on the subject. If you say that marxists get belligerent and the sophistry machine goes into high gear. So as now with ecology Marxists have to try and revive the idea inside their confused ideology. Marx doesn’t believe in free will so the issue of freedom has to be a stealth operation of propaganda for a cadre of idiots os retarded they will gung ho on anything Harvey (the pseudo-socialist bourgeois who abjures revolution after decades of Marx exegesis) dredges up. Why Marx created the system he did is clear enough in context but now it is not effective either as theory or as praxis/ideology. As tthis issue makes obvious.
The discussion assumes that if you discuss socialism then marxists are the owners of the idea, but the reality is otherwise. Marx the authoritarian dogmatist browbeat a whole generation into submitting to his authority and the result is that confused marxists can’t think about the canon forced on them.
In this instance the confusion is considerable. If you want a theme of socialist freedom then move on from historical materialism. And don’t trot over to Hegel for a ‘freedom’ candy machine dispenser. The issue of freedom is vast and can’t be tin canned inside histomat.
As noted here many times, histomat has nearly wrecked the whole left.
Time to move on.

Right-wing propaganda claims that socialism is the enemy of individual freedom. The exact opposite is true: socialists work to create the material conditions under which people can truly be free, without the rigid constraints capitalism imposes on their lives.

Source: David Harvey: Socialists Must Be the Champions of Freedom

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