The left and new age movements

The left mighty take note of the New Age movement in its contradictory aspects, including, sadly, crypto-fascist elements.
In the end a future from the left of the ancient legacy of meditation and its massive literature has to find a place in socialism, starting with a ruthless critique. The enneagram is not the way to go, but it seems to have already become an entrenched fad. It is an exploitation and one suspects a deliberate deception on Gurdjieff’s part: it is obviously a good way to promote his cause.

We already have a blast over the bows of Left Forum re: darwinism today, but now I see still more nonsense in motion. I never thought I would ever see an enneagram on a ‘left’ website. …

Source: Marxism and the enneagram? I have seen everything… – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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